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We don’t need a recall over Taylor dismissal

July 31, 2012
The Alpena News

After reading all the letters regarding Thad Taylor, I can not believe it has come to a recall.

I have known Thad since his arrival 20 years ago. He was hired to bring public safety to Alpena (cross train police and firemen to do both jobs).

After a few years, it was clear that cross training would not work in Alpena.

He should have been dismissed at this time; we already had a fire chief and police chief in place. Instead he was kept and floated between City Hall and the Public Safety Building until he was plugged into the city manager job. I do not know the qualifications for city manager but one would think the person would need some financial background other than being a cop.

He was an at-will employee, he could have been fired at any time. From my chair Thad Taylor has collected a lot of taxpayers money for very little work and will continue to collect for the next six months. When was the last time people in Alpena could collect a check and do nothing?

Cindy Johnson stop wasting the tax payers money, that's already been done for 20 years. By the way, did anyone else read Carol Chafto's letter in the newspaper stating she knew Thad had to go but she didn't think it would happen this soon- so if she knew, why didn't she do the job?

Linda Domke




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