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Not treated fairly when bidding for city job

July 29, 2012
The Alpena News

This City needs to build permanent jobs one at a time. It would be great to see a large company come to this town and put a lot of our good, talented people back to work. But, if that is not possible, then let's do it one job at a time. The old Shafto team failed us, and now it's time to put a new team and leader in place and let them show what they can do. Let's stop bickering like a bunch of school kids. You have already seen a glimpse of Waligora's action with regard to the airline situation. Every good leader wants to have the people they feel are going to help them achieve their goals. At least he is not afraid to do what he feels will give him the best chances for success.

I have heard so much about Thad Taylor and how nice he was and the good he supposedly did. I have some real experience with his "leadership" and "honesty." He paid lip service to the idea of bringing jobs back to Alpena. I owned a Medical Billing business with over 35 years of billing experience. I could have hired one more person to perform the city's ambulance billing, keeping work and money in Alpena. After years of attempting to bid for this business and being denied, I was unable to submit more bids. The reason is because Thad Taylor and Ex-mayor Shafto decided not to bid the work anymore. Of course there is more to the story and it has nothing to do with my business capability. How many other businesses in Alpena have had that same door shut in their face?

Helen Nickles




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