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Supporting Clark Durant for U.S. Senate

July 27, 2012
The Alpena News

The race for U.S. Senate is narrowing down to Pete Hoekstra vs. Clark Durant or Randy Hekman in the Senate primary to go up against Senator Stabenow in November. Gary Glenn has suspended his campaign and put his support behind Durant

I personally didn't plan to vote for sending Hoestra back to Congress, but faced with a choice Stabenow vs. Hoestra I will take the later. Stabenow is a danger to America. She has a history of spending our money like water. She is largely responsible for many of the green jobs boondoggles and has no qualms about letting the EPA run rough shod over the energy industry and anyone else they set their sights on. She supports U.N. climate agenda and runs lock-step with the Obama Administration's progressive agenda. She voted for Obamacare, which will become a single payer system. (Obama's own words) as the left wants. Think about that.

Also unbelievable is the fact that HHS and a group of Bureaucrats run the Health care System for over 300 Million people. Not to mention 6-10 percent of the economy. Just look at the failed government programs of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Post Office, Amtrak, A123 Battery, Solyndra, etc. Not one sustainable success story. The health care law must be repealed for many reasons. The most important, we can't afford it. The latest CBO figures put the cost over 10 years at $2.6 trillion. For those of you who don't have a trillion, it's a pile of $100 bills tightly stacked 67.9 miles high.

It's time to for changing things in Washington. Please take time to visit and help clean up this mess.

Remember: Senator Stabenow sits on the budget committee where they have not passed one in three years.

Pete Brown




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