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Rant lacked any substantiated information

July 20, 2012
The Alpena News

Ralph Dietlin your brain must have been on a diet. Your letter consisted of nothing but ridicule, fabrications, and insults. You did not use one word of contrary evidence. Where do you get your news from the Communist News Network? Fox is lukewarm conservative run by wimpy puppets like O'Reilly.

A good example of the three stooge network is how they handled that Florida shooting. They showed pictures weekly of that security guard unscathed, and the perpetrator many years younger. Did they tell the public of the lengthy criminal record of the perpetrator? Did they tell you he assaulted a bus driver the day before? Nope. The network convicted the guard.

Justice Ginsburg discredited our U.S. Constitution in Egypt. Obama with his disrespectful crotch salute during our National Anthem told the world he is neutral. He is the first in history. He circumvented Congress on many occasions. Hillary Clinton will be at the U.N. worlds disarmament treaty soon, and said she will sign it which means national registration followed by mandatory confiscation of all firearms. It already happened in England and Australia Ralph. Jim Bolton in the last meeting told them "No we have a Constitution." They all broke their oath of office.

You say I'm dreaming and this is crap? Sorry Ralph this is history that cannot be changed no matter how hard liberals like you try.

What is that about a bomb drop in Alpena? Eh? Ralph today the Russians or anybody else do not have to lift a finger to destroy the U.S.A., ultra liberals like you are doing a great job. A patriotic Federal judge (which is rare), threw out the "National Defense Authorization Act" which would have nullified the entire Bill of Rights. Yup I must be dreaming Ralph, its all crap, it never happened.

Robert J. Colarusso




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