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Won’t vote for politician who slings mud

July 20, 2012
The Alpena News

The committees for whatever who are calling to sling mud at Congressman Benishek, are insulting the intelligence of Michigan voters. The phone calls are annoying like flies buzzing ears at night. Politicians who have to hide behind committees to do their mudslinging have even less integrity than those who do it openly. Your mudslinging has certainly gotten Dr. Benishek's name out there. Anyone with a computer and a brain can go on Benishek's webpage and see for yourself what he is doing. Mudslingers will never get my vote. Political opponents that lower themselves to that level do not possess the integrity and honesty that we need to run our State or Country. That's your sign for you people who buy into that kind of bull without checking things out for yourself That's how we end up with all the losers we have now! Take times to educate yourself about the way candidates talk about important issues and vote intelligently.



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