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Let elected officials do their job, stop recalls

July 20, 2012
The Alpena News

It looks like in the future we will be facing regularly scheduled elections and frequent irregularly held expensive recall elections. The voters, media and the government will be in a constant cycle of campaign, election, complain, recall, campaign, election, complain, recall.

Every regular election cycle we go through the orderly process of studying candidate's positions on issues, listening to promises and making the important decision of which candidate has the qualities most admired. We vote and the complainers take over.

Sometimes there is real reason for concern but usually a recall is started for a political purpose and because the elected official does what they committed to voters during campaigning. These commitments are often a promise to make necessary changes to bring government under control of the people. Each change cannot be voted on by the people but that is why we elected representatives. Wisconsin's first steps toward change were taken and some extremely vocal voters expressed displeasure that a new policy was going to have an impact on their situation. They crowded the halls of government, called the Governor a bad, bad, bad boy and started a multi-million dollar recall. He is guilty of no malfeasance or misconduct and has only followed through on his campaign commitment.

In a republic, elections are held to find leaders who are most capable of carrying out the will of a majority of the people. The U.S. Constitution provides for periodic elections. During time in office our elected official has an opportunity to gain or lose the support and respect of those represented. The founders knew all decisions would not please everyone. At the end of the official term any elected official can be voted out. We the people can find no reason for that to change.

Bob Lamb




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