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Our health care system is broken, needs fixing

July 20, 2012
The Alpena News

Wake up America. For the last four decades health care in the United States has been based on the supposition that everybody wins as long as heath care costs keep rising.

What do I mean? The patient: I want only the best in health care because I'm not paying the bills. The doctors: salaries and expenses keep going up. The hospitals: as costs rise we increase the billings. The pharmaceutical companies: profits rise as the costs of drugs goes up. The lawyers: as the cost of medicine escalates so does the size of the litigation settlements. The medical device manufactures: technology offers much more thorough and sophisticated devices at much greater costs. And finally, the insurance companies (those that are paying the bills): the same percentage of higher costs works for us.

It is of small wonder that U.S. health care costs have now grown to the unsustainable level 20 percent of our GDP (gross domestic product). As a nation we spend more on our health care per capita than any other nation in the world. Other nations include those that have universal health care for all of their citizens. This uncontrolled system of health care costs can only grow and get worse unless something is done.

Debate all you want to. Obama care is just the first and necessary step in the right direction.

Lance A. Heitz

Presque Isle



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