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Riding out choppy waters

July 18, 2012
Emily Siegmon - News Staff Writer , The Alpena News

ALPENA - Fishers celebrated another successful day at Alpena's Brown Trout Festival. While the weather was cooperative for the tournament, they discussed the not-so-calm waters. Choppy waters may have been a contributing factor to the amount of fish that were caught, but it did not affect a group of five happy fishermen.

"We took the green horns out today. It was rough going out, but we had a great time," Ron Boboltz said.

Mickey Laucks and his wife Cheryl also spent the day fishing on Boboltz's boat, starting at 5:45 a.m. and bringing the boat back in around 1 p.m.

"We thought we were going to have to turn around at some point because someone was sick for awhile, but he pushed through it and caught a lot of fish. We got our limit and had to throw some back," Boboltz said.

Mickey Laucks said despite owning a Cabin Cruiser a few years ago he still felt under the weather because of the rough water.

"I hurled my cookies, maybe I'm getting older, but it was rough out there for awhile," Mickey Laucks said.

Fact Box


1. Brian Nowland 9.60

2. Dave Sommerfeld 8.95

3. Greg Idalski 8.60

4. Scott Sunderland 8.15

5. Steve Speaks 7.40


1. Martin Skiba 6.75

2. Nick Gabara 6.45

3. Bruce Kirschner 6.25

4. Dean Miller 6.20

5. Andrei Sawruk 5.95


1. Phil Smigelski 9.65

2. Eric Skaluba 8.90

3. James Gunderson 8.60

3. Zach Bisanz 8.60

4. Joe Hauff 8.10


1. Rich Wooll 18.00

2. John Hoos 17.60

3. Jason Rensberry 17.20

4. Ryan Misiak 15.40

5. George Vrabel 14.90


1. Rick Konecke 16.05

2. Blaine Abbe 15.05

3. Randy Klein 15.0

4. Jason Witkowski 14.55

5. John Hoos 14.20

While this group spent most of the morning and early afternoon on the water, it was something out of the ordinary for one of the passengers, because it was her first time fishing.

"I really loved it. It was the time of my life, I got a few fish and lost one," Cheryl Laucks said.

While Cheryl Laucks traveled from Metamora, she enjoyed her first-time fishing experiences at the Brown Trout Festival. She was also accompanied by family and friends from Alpena who are experienced fishers and have been participating in the different Brown Trout festivities for years.

"I love the competition, and I know most of the boats out there, plus the Super Tournament can be really good. The fishing was awesome even though the water was rough," Boboltz said.

Jerry Kniffin also fished with the group and said the tournament was a lot of fun and congratulated Boboltz who had one of the top fish of the day, a lake trout.

"It's a great time to meet a lot of people," Kniffin said.

After reaching the fishing limits for the day, the group docked and started thinking about what they were going to grill later on in the evening for dinner.

"We've been cooking fish here every night at the harbor with our gas grill, we also make corn, potatoes, onions, the lake trout is really good," Mickey Laucks said.

"We catch 'em and cook 'em," Cheryl Laucks said.

Emily Siegmon can be reached via e-mai at or by phone at 358-5687.



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