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Get involved because we control our future

July 13, 2012
The Alpena News

The danger to America has never been greater than it is at this time. The American way of life is being threatened. We can blame Washington but the danger comes from us. The real problem is that our citizens just don't seem to care. How can We the people show we care?


Approximately 100 million registered voters will not vote in the upcoming election. They use a lot of lame excuses for staying away.

Below are the top 10 excuses for not voting.

1. Some people feel their vote won't count. (1-person- 1 vote)

2. Students and employees report they are too busy to take time off (never too busy for America).

3. Some Americans are simply not interested (what about your future?)

4. People who are ill or disabled can't get to the polls. (We can help get you a ballot or to the polls)

5. Illegal immigrants are not authorized to vote. (Get legal)

6. Many non-voters say they don't like the candidates. (there is a choice-It is not a popularity contest)

7. Some residents don't have transportation to the polls (we can find a way

8. Citizens might be out of town. (vote absentee)

9. Forgetting to vote is a common explanation. (put it on your calendar Primary Aug 7, General Nov. 6)

10.Many complain the voting lines are long. (this is important)

We the people have heard all the excuses but are committed to finding ways of getting voters to stop making apologies for staying away on Election Day.

Register to vote...

Join a political party.

Listen to what the candidates have to say. Make a choice and make a difference.

If you have a problem voting visit our website for help. email for voter assistance.

Bob Lamb




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