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Parking an issue at Long Lake festival

July 12, 2012
The Alpena News

We had the opportunity to attend the Long Lake festivities yesterday.

Bands where great as where the vendors and those in attendance. That was until we went to leave.

It was terrible cars were parked on both sides of the road that leads into the park some of them sticking out in what was left of the traffic lane.

There was only a single lane in or out and those that where in wanted to get out and those that where out wanting to get out.

One of those wanting in was pulling a large boat and expected the 20 vehicles wanting out to back up for him as well as one that said "I am camped here and I want in." I guess he thought that made him special.

There where at least six law enforcement vehicles observed parked on the way out, and when I called 911 on their secondary number to request one of them to come out and direct traffic I was told I have no way to contact them. I ask don't they have a radio?

Suggestion to all involved in the planning, please plan, allow no parking on either side of the entrance road, develop a better traffic control plan, such as some one directing traffic and whatever other logical ideas to make this a safer event.

As someone said as we could not move "you need to get out of the way we have emergency vehicle's in there that may have to get out it just took us 20 minutes to get a rescue vehicle out." Again I ask why if there was no parking allowed then traffic could flow normally and would not slow emergency vehicles that should not have allowed themselves be be put in that position in the first place.

Frank Matthews

Hubbard Lake



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