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We need a change, can’t trust the GOP

July 5, 2012
The Alpena News

Women deserve the same respect as men.

Let's move forward - not backwards, when women's rights, the disabled and minorities were treated with less dignity.

The care of all veterans should be our number one priority, many are homeless.

"Love thy neighbor as thy self."

"Blessed is he who are concerned for the poor."

Our Lord and savior lived in poverty - corporations are not people.

Corporate Welfare tax breaks, the Bush tax break's and the Paul Ryan plan plus the Romney tax breaks are fixed only on the wealthy.

Thousands of wealthy people have large cash holding in the Cayman Islands, so they don't have to pay taxes. Flip flop Romney included - loopholes.

In 2011 Large Co. made record profits, but they still did not hire more workers as the GOP said they would.

Billionaires, like the Koch brother donated 300-plus million already this year to the GOP but still can't afford to hire.

The middle class and small business need the tax breaks, they don't need to be squeezed any more.

The GOP and the Tea party are holding this country hostage and in imperil with no compromise to bring in revenue to help us get out of this mess Bush put us in.

Knowing the uncertainty, looming over the Global markets like Spain and Greece, the time is to act now, not later.

The domestic programs for those in need have been sliced and diced to the bone.

Vote - Gary McDowell, will compromising fairly.

The wealthy won't be at any soup-kitchen or homeless shelter any time soon.

If companies with billion dollar profits hire, it helps our country, and every one benefits.

Can't afford more job losses - pensions also the Auto Industry, under Mitt Romney, if elected, Bain capital greed, Pink Slips.

Barry L. Halleck




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