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Our country has returned to a malaise

June 29, 2012
The Alpena News

In 1979 President Carter told Americans that they suffered from malaise. Once again malaise has reentered our political vocabulary. By definition what Carter was describing at that time was uneasiness, discomfort and maybe even an illness related to the situation in our country. But Is malaise a major political force?

Americans, of all parties, feel a general uneasiness as a result of the direction Washington is taking us economically and socially. Economic unease is related to a lack of concentration on creating jobs and the fact that our government can't do a seemingly simple thing like pass a budget. Social unease comes from many sources but mostly from a drug war being fought on our southern border and an immigration policy that fails to recognize this problem as important.

Discomfort is being shown by a general lack of interest on the part of American voters. In America voters assume they are supposed to select the ideal right or best candidate when, in reality, they are choosing between candidates who know what they should look like to get votes and create that identity for themselves. So there is a discomfort because the reality of voting is different than the ideal of voting.

Millions of Americans use a long list of ailments and excuses for not being involved in the political process. There are hundreds of excuses not to vote.

America is held up as an example of democracy to the rest of the world. In a survey of voter turnout in 163 countries, the United States came in 140th. It is estimated that in the upcoming election as many as 100 million eligible voters will stay home.

We the People are going to study the candidates, form our opinions and encourage everyone we know to do the same.

Bob Lamb




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