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Speer: New columnist helps you get organized

June 29, 2012
Bill Speer - Editor/Publisher , The Alpena News

She knew the minute she walked through the door she had me - hook, line and sinker.

One look around my office told her everything she needed to know. The conference table was piled with stacks of paper. Mail was strewn across it, along with piles of "God only knows what."

Every corner of the office was in use, including chairs piled with items placed there months ago. Free space on my desk was at a premium, competing with other stacks of paper, pens, notebooks and computers.

In other words, she had just crossed through the Pearly Gates into Heaven. Or, so she must have thought.

In my world there is a place for everything, and everything has its place - which is anywhere and everywhere.

Ask my co-workers, and they will call it hoarding, collecting or waiting long enough for every item to be labeled an antique.

In her world, it was clutter awaiting a new home. It was organization waiting to happen. It was chaos awaiting tranquility.

Doris Puls is an organizer. Not just any organizer. She is a professional organizer.

She also is the newest columnist in the newspaper's stable of outstanding local talent.

Puls, owner of D & O De-Clutter and Organize, is on a mission to help area residents regain order in their world. Every month she will be featured in our Time Out magazine, published the last Saturday of the month.

Best of all, she wants to help. Specifically, she welcomes questions at Send her a question as to how to simplify your surroundings and who knows, you might see that question answered in an upcoming edition.

Puls explains in this month's edition her job isn't to turn people's homes into perfect sanctuaries ready for a photo shoot, but rather a personal oasis where owners feel a special calm and peace.

Her first column can be found on page 3 of today's Time Out. And no, the column on the page was not prepared by Robin Benson. That was an organizational mistake by one of our graphic artists. Obviously, for next month, our employee might benefit from Puls' organizational skills.


With all our multi-sectional newspapers this month, a number of readers have asked why? Without going into a complicated explanation about press functions and procedures, it basically boils down to the fact that when we have two color ads going on consecutive inside pages of the newspaper, that is the only way we can run the newsprint through all our press units to produce the needed color.

I like color, readers like color and advertisers understand that color helps draw attention to their messages. Thankfully, advertisers made good use of the advertising possibilities in June, and thus a higher number of multi-section newspapers ran than what is normal.

Understandably, a four-section newspaper isn't ideal. Now that you understand why we do it, I hope you'll agree it is but a minor inconvenience.



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