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Those needing medical marijuana were hijacked

June 28, 2012
The Alpena News

The only word I can come up with that appropriately describes what lawmakers are doing to the Medical marijuana law is hijacking. The only concerns addressed are those of law enforcement not of the citizens. Folks make no mistake, this is about money and those who have it and want to keep it. Major contributors to political campaigns are drug and alcohol consortiums and as a side note who do you think funds the partnership for a drug free America? Our legislators are not closing loopholes they are restricting access. Allowing police access to your medical records is unconscionable and violates HIPPA laws. Requiring a photo on your marijuana program ID card smacks of Orwellian Big Brother. Now you have a card, trouble is you can't have on you around you or in you. Oh great law providers where does the moral authority arise from, what religion promotes throwing of our neighbors in jail, taking their money and possessions and labeling them defective. To my knowledge the main theme of religion is love and forgiveness not retribution. To all the judges in this county, state and country shame on you. Judges you know the drug laws are wrong flat out and the sentences and fines you impose on behalf of these laws do nothing but keep citizens indebted and impoverished as well as labeled. Alpena News shame on you and your bought and paid for editorial remarks your editor has done little to protect any opinion other than those of the law. I urge my fellow citizens to wake up and question local and state reps on their feeling on medical marijuana or marijuana legalization across the board. Vote them out if you don't agree with their reasoning or just try to convince them they are wrong. Simply legalize marijuana.



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