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The White House is ruining this country

June 22, 2012
The Alpena News

We are now facing the most lawless and unconstitutional behavior of any administration since George Washington. Obama circumvented the U.S. Congress again and gave amnesty to over 800,000 illegal aliens. His reason was "sympathy," because they were children when brought into this country. What about the parents? Why weren't they dealt with? You can multiply that by three assuming they only had one child. The real reason is more than 2.4 million additional votes for him. This recent act is just another complete immoral, and unethical disregard for Americans, and the legal ones. Any Rep., that fights this will be labeled a "Racist" and lose his office.

The recent "Fast and Furious" operation was a two part plan. Plan one was sanctioning illegal international gun running into Mexico which went sour, and got one of our Border Patrol agents murdered. The second was to prove to the public "See we told you that all the guns come from stores and gun shows in the USA." That backfired in their face as well.

An oath of office anymore is a joke as Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg while in Egypt helping them form a new government discredited the U.S.A. Constitution, "as it is old fashioned and outmoded." This month the U.N. will again impose international laws on ownership of firearms, and H. Clinton will be representing the U.S. She already revealed her anti-Constitutional thoughts.

The head of the Republican Party said he and many of his colleagues are not interested in investigating Obama's eligibility as they want to concentrate on the election. That's just fine which is enough proof that they have no time or interest for American needs or the Country.

Now we have the "National Defense Authorization Act" (NDAA) which nullifies the entire Bill Of Rights.

Robert J. Colarusso




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