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Republicans ruined it for the working man

June 22, 2012
The Alpena News

Hooray for Pat Buchanan Finally a right-winger admits what the working men and women of this country have been saying for years. Free trade kills American jobs wages and benefits. This is what has been the top Republican agenda. Cheapen the American workforce.

Lest we forget, Ronald Reagan started the free trade movement. He held the summit showing American companies how moving to Mexico would enhance profits. He requested and received the legislation granting the president the right to negotiate free trade agreements outside of Congress's input.

George H.W. Bush negotiated and signed NAFTA. George W. Bush negotiated and signed many free trade agreements.

So where are the jobs? We were promised so much by these presidents to have free trade. All we, the working men and women of this country have seen is our net worth plunge to nothing. Very few have health insurance. Pensions are gone. Wages have fallen. Many have lost their homes. The rich and the big corporations on the other hand have seen income increase dramatically because of free trade. They are living the American Dream while the rest of us can work until we die and when we do die we will "owe our souls to the company store."

John R. Kerr




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