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Mistreatment of loved ones won’t be tolerated

June 22, 2012
The Alpena News

As tired as hearing the "I don't know whose going to help 'mom' out now that she is elderly: lady or Mr., when you look into the mirror you will then know with irrefutable certainty who is helping your mother out ...

JPTA? I'll call the cops if anyone involved with that defunct program even knows of my existence on this Earth, and that is a promise.

My good aunt - give them what this community allotted her - one meal-on-wheel a day and abject alienation. As Lisa Bloom stated: this community, through usury programs, will not insult the memory of my Good Aunt Cleo. If she had to go without my help, believe me, your elderly mother and dad is more than going without my help. It is a criminal day in Alpena when my Aunt is kept from her family because someone imagines they are "entitled" to state-paid-and-subjugates labor. It won't be mine. Try my male ex next year. Let him know the JPTA program would be "a nice opportunity for 'someone like him.'"

Audrey Papke




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