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Legislators have ruined education system

June 22, 2012
The Alpena News

Your story "Michigan House OK's Changes For Public School Teachers" has prompted these remarks.

When I entered the teaching profession more than a half century ago, I only expected modest financial returns, but felt I was entering a profession that earned respect and appreciation. When I retired in the 90s, I felt I had neither.

I perceive a Legislature in Lansing determined to demoralize - indeed punish - public school teachers. They criticize teachers as incompetent and schools as failing. They demand more: teaching to test scores, more and more post degree training, larger class sizes, longer school days and years, and increased emphasis on academy schools and home schooling as superior to public education.

Meanwhile, they attack every benefit they can: union rights, tenure, state aid for local schools and, now, future teachers' retirement.

I, long ago, stopped encouraging bright AHS grads to enter education as a career, and now, advise parents, et. al., to do the same. To grads I say, get into business administration, banking, or hedge fund management If you want appreciation as well, try welding, plumbing, farming, the military, or a thousand other hands-on careers.

Let the legislature recruit the next generation of teachers - they seem to think they know best.

Robert J. Buchner




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