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Minority needs to change with the times

June 14, 2012
The Alpena News

As a non-city resident I decide to go to the recent LWV forum out of curiosity. We take an interest in city politics as we do go into the city for many reasons - banking, buying of goods and services as well as entertainment.

Mr. Eiler and Mr. Sexton never missed a chance at a cheap shot or fling a bit of mud at Mayor Walligora or Councilman Nunneley. Their attempts to attack the credibility, impugn the integrity of those men was embarrassing and simply reminded me of two kids having a tantrum when they didn't get their way, in this case the recent dismissal of for city manager. For their part, the Mayor and Mr. Nunneley conducted themselves with dignity and honor never once crossing the line of good taste and professionalism.

It occurred to me at this forum it wasn't about Mr. Taylor at all. It was about the shift in the balance of power. For years Mr. Sexton and Mr. Eiler enjoyed the power of the majority. They, along with the former mayor, were able to do as they pleased with little regard to what the minority wanted. They enjoyed the perks that go with small town politics and now its over and they just can't seem to adjust. So they go on the attack, which seems to be the new direction of liberals who don't get their way (see Wisconsin)

Times are changing and so must local governments. The new majority of the council sees this and is exhibiting real leadership by making those changes even its not popular within the local establishment. They are looking ahead and making plans for those changes to ensure the survival of this community. I would hope the new minority will start acting like grownups for the good of this city.

Susanne Christensen




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