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Difference between Bain Capital, government

June 8, 2012
The Alpena News

With all of the attacks against Romney and Bain Capital it is time to clarify the role of Bain Capital and like companies. Companies like Bain consist of expert financial managers, who invest money for their customers. The money comes from financial institutions, pension funds including union and teacher funds, insurance funds, and private investors.

They look upon companies like Bain to invest their money for a good rate of return. In return companies like Bain present proposals for investors to approve and invest money. When Bain invests in companies they put together expert managers to make the companies efficient and profitable and keep them in business.

The idea is for everyone to benefit, the investors, the managers, and the companies and employees. Obviously there will be times when things don't work out. This could be for a variety of reasons including those beyond their control. But the success rate is high. With today's low interest rates and companies struggling to survive, companies like Bain play a major role in solidifying the returns of pension funds, insurance companies and the like.

This is in comparison to the so called Obama funds. An example is the government investment in the failed solar company. The investors were politicians with a political plan for the taxpayers' money and not business experience. The managers did not exist due to a lack of expertise, and provided a lack of attention to detail as the politicians went on to bigger things.

This comparison highlights the benefit of companies like Bain who use private capital for investment versus government investment with taxpayers' money by politicians. Criticism by the administration of Bain is taking advantage of voters who are unaware of the role investment companies have in the economy. Who would you put your money with?

Bruce Harrington




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