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Motor vehicles don’t cause accidents

June 8, 2012
The Alpena News

We are required to pay increasing amounts into the catastrophic claims fund and the current charge of $145 per vehicle has become an unreasonable burden on everyone who owns a car, especially people who need and own several vehicles. Many persons own more than one type of vehicle to meet special needs such as trailer towing (SUV), carrying loads (pickup), sports car, motor-home, motorcycle, etc. If a family uses a regular sedan, plus a SUV for winter, has need for a pickup, likes to motorcycle for pleasure, and perhaps a car for one of their kids, they must fork over $725 just to the "CAT" fund in addition to regular cost for vehicle and personal liability insurance.

The required payment into the catastrophic fund is to pay for injury caused by a motorvehicle. A vehicle cannot cause injury unless it is driven by a person, so the insurance is actually to pay for injury caused by a person driving a vehicle. Since a person can only drive one vehicle at a time, the insurance should be to insure against injury caused by the driver, not the vehicle. This would be similar to the "regular" liability coverage also required as part of our auto insurance, it covers you no matter what vehicle you are driving.

The "CAT" fund started out small but has steadily increased to this unreasonable amount with no sign of abatement and it should be changed to apply to the driver, not the vehicle. It is time that we initiate a letter writing campaign to our state representatives and senators to change this unfair financial burden.

George A. Greene

Presque Isle



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