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Editorial: Agreement a good thing for ACC, local students

June 8, 2012
The Alpena News

Making education affordable and easier to obtain is a noble cause.

Three cheers are in order then for five northern Michigan colleges and universities who this week entered into a joint agreement to honor credits and make it easier for students to transfer classes from one to the other.

The five include Alpena Community College, Kirtland Community College, North Central Michigan College, Lake Superior State University and Ferris State University.

ACC President Olin Joynton called the new initiative a great arrangement for both the schools involved, as well as the students.

"This is a great initiative. Michigan will have more college graduates," he said in a News story this week.

Without a doubt the achievement of a higher education degree is something many employers look for. Indeed, for many positions, it is mandatory.

If we expect the local workforce to grow in the years ahead - and we do - then programs such as this between the five schools is huge news to students who take advantage of it.

The days of colleges and universities fighting over students and erecting tall walls between themselves are over. Instead, cooperative agreements such as this are the new norm, as educators understand everyone can benefit with consumer-friendly practices and policies.



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