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Gray: It all starts with a plan

June 5, 2012
Trina Gray , The Alpena News

You feed the kids, feed the dog, pick up the shoes on stairs and scan the headlines at the kitchen counter. You run out the door, run back for your key and wonder if the windows upstairs are closed, it looks like rain. You jump in the car that needs to be cleaned and filled up with gas. You drive past the grocery store and make a mental list of what you need and pass the hardware store and remember that the drain is still clogged. That's all by 8 a.m.

Here is where we go wrong with our health. We are scattered.

Being healthy does not require having the right shoes, the right workout outfit or the right gym. It's not about the perfect diet, the fad diet or the cleanse diet. Those are all superficial.

Being healthy requires a plan. For some, our minds are racing 100 miles per hour and we never slow down enough to plan for our health. For others, we operate in such a low gear through life that we never rev up enough to plan for our health. Either way, it's the same result. No plan equals poor health.

It all boils down to one simple concept. The way you live your day is the way you live your health. Quite simply, if your day is a mess, your health is a mess.

The good news? It is an easy fix. Start with organizing your day. Here are a few simple tips to get yourself one step closer to the health you desire. You do desire better health, right? The better you feel about you, the better you treat others, the better you contribute to the community. I have witnessed thousands of local people who have taken control of their day and ultimately their health. People have saved their marriages, their careers and themselves. It's a journey, but start with three simple steps:

So, sit down and make a plan for your healthy day. Start today. Tomorrow isn't any easier.

Trina Gray is the owner of Bay Athletic Club, a mother of two, a national presenter on fitness and wellness and a change agent in the community. Her wellness column appears monthly.



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