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Not paper’s job to distort what is happening

June 1, 2012
The Alpena News

In the face of the economic disaster we are experiencing in the USA as a result of Liberal policies in Washington it must be difficult for the Alpena News to maintain a balanced news and editorial position. Mr. Smith from Ossineke accuses the paper of being ultra-conservative when in reality they are only printing stories that inform us of what is really happening. Mr. Smith wants a right/left balance. So what he expects is that The News write something that makes it look as if Americans approve of the policies of the left. The News could say America loves Obamacare, the stimulus was successful, religious leaders are not feeling the pressure of a new definition of religion, green energy is saving American jobs, plans to cut the deficit have been successful and Obama alone has gotten America back to work.

The Alpena News could print only the letters to the editor in favor of all those in our area who write about the great things being brought here through the efforts of Hope and Change. But that would make for skeptical readers.

The News could print letters about all the good things being proposed by the right that are blocked somewhere in one of the branches of government but that would also bring skeptics.

But the right is not trying to control the News.

Left and right are constantly haggling over who is getting the most free-time in the media. In Alpena we think the left gets an even handed representation in the News. Trying to control how any media outlet thinks is really risking a violation of the First Amendment.

We the people of Alpena think the left should never miss a good chance to voluntarily keep quiet.

Miss a good chance to shut up.

Bob Lamb




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