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Oscoda Press is letting its biases show

May 25, 2012
The Alpena News

Are you or anybody else sick and tired of the mainstream media slobbering over Obama, anointing him Messiah, covering up his screw-ups, and praising him as genius for his so-called accomplishments nobody wanted? We have a small scale version of the MSM bias right here in Oscoda with the reporter for Osocda Press who covers Ausable Township Meetings. The OP further showed no integrity refusing to print this opinion that opposes their own. The bias has become increasingly worse over time. Don't take my word for it, go to and see the most recent meeting and compare it to the May 9 article and form your own opinion. See if you also ask yourself, huh? A few examples: "Mr. Rekowski asked several questions that were asked before." I only asked one similar question, which was "did you incorporate my comments into the minutes," of course talking about different draft minutes. "Mr. Rekowski Demanded an apology." See video, is saying "I request an apology' the same as demanding." You'd think more newsworthy would be the supervisor said it was up to him to pick and choose who he responds to for written inquiries to AT. Or when justifying why they will not respond to my sister-in-law's letter, denied that her letter contained questions (flat out lie) when even the OP article on 4/4 spelled out several questions from the letter. Oh, did I fail to mention that the person referred to as the man commending the board for professionalism was none other than the reporter's husband? Amazing how video causes people to behave. A tidbit she missed also. He sat with her at the meeting. When the press does not do their job as government watchdog, what do you have left?



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