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Find real lovers of the American way of life

May 11, 2012
The Alpena News

Conservatives believe in individual liberty, limited government, economic freedom and love of country. Liberals believe the definition of liberty is incomplete, big government is unavoidable, economic freedom leads to inequality and they say they love our country. But what do we mean today when we say we love our country. Is it about the amber waves of grain, the purple mountains and streams of clear water? Is love of country the same today as in 1776 at the time our independence was declared? At that time love of country meant risking everything.

Real love of America is an understanding that our country is an idea that is spread around the world and not really a specific place. The idea cannot be learned at Harvard or Columbia. It must be picked up from experience that teaches this is the greatest idea in the world and is something that most non-Americans only wish they were part of.

When an American politician, today, says they love our country is that the same feeling as the founders. Is he or she risking personal well-being for the sake of our country? Or is he or she aligning so tightly with their party that the nation comes second or maybe third after their personal interest. Partisan political grid lock is unacceptable to people who love our country.

It is the job of We the People to remind our elected officials that they are our representatives and have been sent to their offices to do our work of: passing budgets, controlling our borders, removing obstacles to our success and creating an image of America that will make us all proud. At election time we must find critical lovers of America. These are patriots who express their faith in their country by working to make improvements.

Bob Lamb




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