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Fathers against marijuana, to protect our children

May 11, 2012
The Alpena News

Spring is here, it's time to start growing their medicine. Some people cannot do a normal job, but they can grow and harvest marijuana, they're getting their grow houses prepared to plant.

Everybody that has marijuana cards should be registered the same as drivers license, through the state. Marijuana Cards should be renewed every two years at $200.00. Every two years when they renew, they should get a physical and see if their doing any better where they might not need marijuana anymore. Then we could use the money to go toward rebuilding our highways.

People that raise their own marijuana should have vendors license, that way they can be legally taxed. Right now it's free money. Just because they have a marijuana card, what makes them unlicensed pharmacists to distribute marijuana? People are ordering their cards right off the internet.

The reason they legalized marijuana was supposed to be for the terminally ill, but now it's so far out of portion. Where are the boundaries? People who don't smoke, why should they not get in and make profit like the potheads?

People with marijuana cards, should not be raising their own, they should be buying it through licensed vendors.

We don't want a doctor in a marijuana shop, smoking a bong and issuing a marijuana card, then doc tells them to say marijuana, take their picture then say congratulations.

How are people that smoke marijuana gonna work in factories with machinery, forklifts, etc.? And endanger other peoples lives, because their stoned? Companies they work for, their Liability Ins. goes up.

Anybody that works in a factory and has an accident should be drug tested to protect the companies. Not only through bloods tests, but through fingernails and hair which goes back six months, to protect workmans comp and disability.

Ian Carp

Hubbard Lake



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