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Editorial: Unwanted situation for many

May 4, 2012
The Alpena News

Even their name sounds, well, dirty.


Drive around Alpena this spring and evidence of their destruction is everywhere. Two years ago residents in the neighborhoods past the Alpena Golf Club were hard hit by the pest. Last year there were scattered incidents here and there, but nothing like the infestation this spring in the Washington-Ripley-State sections of the city.

Experts say that once your grass begins turning yellow instead of green this time of year, it is a sign that grubs probably are at work. If the grass dies, and is comes up in clumps, the best solution then is remove the sod in the impacted area, bring in new topsoil and reseed.

Treating lawns for grubs works best beginning in June or July, then again applying a treatment in fall.

Northeast Michigan residents always have taken pride in their lawns and yards - perhaps because the window of opportunity to enjoy them is smaller than in many other areas of the country. Thus, when you have an infestation the size of what is occurring across Alpena right now, it is disheartening for many.

Hopefully the worst is behind us and with new seeding and preparation, even those impacted by grubs can still see some green as the spring progresses.



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