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Editorial: Someone is trying to mess with Tea Party

July 22, 2010
The Alpena News

Authors have mixed arsenic and tea in many fatal plots over the years.

Tea backers in Michigan are wondering if a push this week to list the Tea Party as an official political party in the state isn't a clever attempt to weaken the real intent of Tea supporters.

Bob Lamb, president of the Alpena chapter of Taxed Enough Already Party, believes that to be the case. At a meeting Monday where the chapter made endorsements, discussion also centered on the petitions that were submitted in Lansing to have the Tea Party and its candidates included on the November state ballot.

Lamb said the Alpena chapter is "encouraging you to ignore the Tea Party on the ballot."

"Currently we have a two-party system, a third party candidate will cause the conservative vote to be split," he said.

That is a concern of not only him, but other Tea Party affiliates across Michigan.

The Associated Press quoted Michigan political analysist Bill Ballenger as saying the petitions "looks like a classic dirty tricks escapade, but I don't think there's anything that can be done about it. Unless they change the law in the future, but it's too late to be changed for this effort."

Legitimate Tea Party supporters now have their work cut out for them to get their message heard in the months ahead.

The last thing they want is for duped voters heading to the polls in November and supporting the Tea Party candidates listed on the ballot, thinking they were backing those of a similar philosophical bent, only to discover the contrary.

It looks like another classic case of arsenic and tea all over again.



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