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Professional drug tester brings positive response to situation

April 4, 2008
Alpena News
Your article on Drug Testing in the Alpena News on March 3 was informative but I feel biased by a lack of resources by the reporter. While there are places that do drug testing as a side to other areas they work in, we at Rapid Results opened Alpena’s only true drug testing facility in 2006. At Rapid Results we do drug, alcohol and hair testing seven days a week for multiple companies that run comprehensive programs, not just upon hire or as a result of a work accident. Companies like Devere Construction, DPI Alpena and others have in place not only pre-employment and/or accident policies but random programs that help insure a broader range of testing of all its employees, for the safety of everyone! Random programs let the employee know that he or she may be tested on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis to help insure a problem with drugs or alcohol is not missed for months or years. It also gives the employer a better understanding of what is going on in the work place for a safer work environment.

At Rapid Results, we do testing for a multiple of reasons, from court ordered to problems that might be happening in the family home life. Having a professional, dedicated, confidential, business tailored with the most updated products and programs is what we like to think is why we are here. In stopping the negative process of drug and alcohol problems we bring a positive response to this situation and make life better for all who work and live in Northeastern Michigan.

Russell Graham

Owner/Rapid Results



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