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Elephant subject of controversy

August 15, 2013

ATLANTA – There has been a lot of conversation concerning an elephant named Nosey at this year’s Montmorency County Fair....

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Aug-16-13 8:20 AM

"Liebel, Nosey and the rest of his family will be performing..." I like how you phrased that to include her as part of the family :)

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Aug-16-13 1:10 PM

Like how the PETA folks implied the local vet wasn't good enough to do the wellness examine and that they wanted someone outside the industry to check the elephant. I know the vet that checked this elephant and I would bet my last dollar if they said they couldn't find any issues, that is the truth. For someone from PETA who doesn't know this vet to imply that they would not do a unbiased job is just wrong!

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Sep-17-13 11:17 PM

Liebel has been the topic of much controversy. He has been brought up on animal abuse charges. Why would thee county fairs promote him and his side show or animal abuse, it has been documented. Disgusting! Why don't they just hire a puppy mill too!

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Sep-18-13 1:51 AM

Nosey is often kept standing for long hours tied to a tree or some other structure by a short chain. This can lead to arthritis in an elephant like Nosey who is about 30 yrs. old. She was brought over here from Africa when she was young. Nosey has had a skin disorder for years that Liebel has not sought treatment for. When Liebel faced charges of animal cruelty by the USDA, an affidavit was signed by a circus employee that he had witnessed that she had been abused with shovels and bullhooks. She is transported from one venue to another in a rickety old truck that is not equipped in the right way to be holding an elephant. Nosey needs to be free to roam in an elephant sanctuary and spend her remaining years with the companionship of other elephants.

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Sep-18-13 10:40 AM

SAFETY FIRST.Either the reporter did not understand the issues or ignored them. The issue is one of safety & THE FAIR IS RESPONSIBLE. The riding frame is NOT safe, LOOK AT IT. Look at the covered rope. NO one, let alone children could hold on if she even stumbles, let alone if she bolts & of all the species Africans are the most unpredictable. The ONLY thing to keep Nosey in line is the threat of Liebel's bullhook with which she knows will hurt(again). An elephant alone is not a happy elephant who spends most of her life in the back of a van, no matter how Liebel spins it as "family." They live in a Stockholm Syndrome knowing their abuser is the giver of food & water & they MUST act as he wishes. But as we see with many elephants, one day they snap & kill their abuser. Do not take Liebel's word for it that it can't happen at the fair. When other county officials have banned rides it is because of bolting, insecure riding frame, tuberculosis, and ethicalit

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Sep-18-13 10:47 AM

Though I have copyright to the photo of Nosey and you can use the photo, I know you won't print this, Ms. Grulke, but you can see the frame before her rope is attached. The second url shows more photos and the lack of safety.



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Sep-18-13 11:20 AM

The writer of this article, Nicole Grulke, seems quite biased towards Mr. Liebel. He "adopted" Nosey? Nosey is part of the family? Really. A local vet checked out Nosey - did that vet have expertise in elephant health? (Heck, we take our pet birds to vet specialists, do we really think a dog/cat vet can certify the health of an African elephant?) And what were the violations with regard to the elephant and spider monkeys, for which Mr. Liebel paid a fine? But most importantly, Ms. Grulke does not address the issue of Nosey being kept alone, without companionship of her own kind. This is truly the horror of the existence Mr. Liebel has extended to his "family" member Nosey. This should not be allowed.

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Sep-18-13 7:51 PM

It is very true that Nosey's owner is abusive. He has been charged several times with abuse. Many vets have looked at Nosey and verified she is in constant pain, esp her feet. Thank you for bringing attention to this. You can go to facebook and search for updates for Nosey. "Nosey the elephant needs our help".

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