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Meals on Wheels program facing financial issues

April 4, 2013

ALPENA —Sequestration is beginning to impact community services, as Republicans and Democrats remain divided over a solution to spending. On March 1, $85....

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Apr-07-13 3:15 PM

Feed the hungry GOP.

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Apr-07-13 3:13 PM

JanisC, get off the party line. Obama has done very little new spending and his economic initiatives such as infrastructure development have been hamstrung by Republicans. It's every man for himself in GOP Land, including the elderly, sick and poor. And we were running surpluses until your man Bush got hold of them, so don't even talk about budgets.

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Apr-06-13 1:19 AM

Come on now people. We all knew this was going to happen. We have our own government advertise to have food stamp PARTIES as if people didn't already know where to go to get help and let everyone walk right through our borders. It's almost like advertising "come on in while you have the chance it's all's on the governments back" The humanitarian effort was great but we can't feed the world inside our walls. Something had to give. This was all Obama's fault. Stop being in denial. How far did you think the free ride was going to last before it hurt our own citizens. Money doesn't grow on trees. By not having a budget for 4 years allowed the money to roll out faster than it came in. Obama was so great with his almighty signature to pass bills...he could of passed a budget but he didn't want to...If you budgeted your own finances like Obama's (No budget term) how long do you think it would take you to go bankrupt and end out in the streets.

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Apr-05-13 1:30 PM

...Too much hate in shrill world, and you have NO clue on my finances.

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Apr-05-13 1:29 PM

...From the foil hat crowd, yet...

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Apr-05-13 11:59 AM

How well off is he after he pays that much, every freakin' year? If anything EVER came out of your pocket, you'd be screaming bloody murder. Since others pay their share as well as yours, it's easy for you to quack.

I pay tens of thousands, you pay nothing. Yeah, you're a taker. Jesus also said, "the poor you will have with you always". Paul said, "those that will not work, should not eat."

According to FDR, LBJ, and Obozo though, everyone is taken care of, whether they do or contribute anything or not. That's a lot of dead weight, you included.

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Apr-05-13 11:49 AM

A person that sends "tens of thousands of dollars" to the IRS is well off enough to afford to pay that much. The man below has crowed about how well his business is doing (selling clown shoes, how passe), all the while complaining how Obama has ruined his business. Jesus was an advocate for the poor, while this creep sees the poor as 'takers'. HE is spirit.

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Apr-05-13 11:03 AM

I'm hoping the tens of thousands of dollars I'm about to send to the IRS might feed some. Does the IRS buy food for folks or do they just deposit into a hole/pit?

The sequester was a cut in the rate of growth. In other words spending has increased under the sequester. The memo O' sent out to the agencies was a request that they NOT make Obama's lies, look like lies. Make it hurt as much as possible. You saw that memo right?

The government causes our pay to be eroded all the time. They also tax more of it away from us. We can withstand any and all cuts but the government can't even stand an increase? BS.

I think neighbors and churches helping distressed neighbors is better. The government can't even help anything but the wallet contents of producers, while tying them down with ridiculous regulations.

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Apr-05-13 10:11 AM

Feed the hungry RS.

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Apr-05-13 9:28 AM

Right, take it all from Obama's Cayman Island accounts instead. On account of him being such a noteworthy failure, and that he spends more taxpayer money just on his family and vacations etc. than the United Kingdom spends on the entire Royal Family.

See, it depends on how you look at it. If you're blind, like those below, you can't look at anything but your failed ideology.

A rising tide lifts all boats. Socialism sinks all boats.

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Apr-05-13 9:13 AM

Let old people starve just don't touch Mitt's Cayman Island accounts.

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Apr-05-13 6:58 AM

Republican death panels.

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