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There are cars that certainly aren’t very smart

June 3, 2016 How many of you have been reading about or have seen reports on television about smart cars that are being developed that will be able to drive themselves? We certainly are not there yet as I can... more »»

How about a sanctuary from political signs?

June 3, 2016 If we want Alpena to be the Sanctuary of the Great Lakes, shouldn't we support some respite from politics? Sanctuaries don't have obtrusive political signage appearing on streets and yards half a... more »»

Trump message more like grate than great

May 21, 2016 I never have imagined myself the sharpest knife in the drawer, so I suppose that thousands of other people already have realized what occurred to me just this morning. more »»

We are starting to look like the 17th century

May 21, 2016 I am writing all three of my federal representatives about the unconstitutional overreach of this administration. more »»

Separate church, state during day of prayer

May 21, 2016 People will continue to meet on our Alpena city hall grounds every May to underscore their belief that government and religion should be in warm collaboration. more »»

You had no right to take the steel in yard

May 16, 2016 I wish to thank the lowlife S.O.B. who helped themselves to my pile of steel that was in front of my garage on Fern Lane between Saturday May 8 and Tuesday May 10. more »»

Speaker needs to bite bullet, support Trump

May 16, 2016 Dear Mr. Speaker, I have been Republican since, as an 8-year-old I met General Eisenhower at his suite at the Drake Hotel during the 1952 Republican Convention. more »»

Steps to take to minimize Lyme disease risk

May 14, 2016 With spring, patients' thoughts turn to Lyme Disease, a rare but potentially confounding infection in Northeast Michigan. more »»

Let senators know to vote against Dark Act

May 14, 2016 I urge everyone to watch "Genetic Roulette — The Gamble of Our Lives" on the Internet. It will scare you. more »»

Governor, Republicans not helping residents

May 14, 2016 On May 4, the President came to Flint to address citizens suffering with poisoned, toxic water. Gov. Snyder felt he should show up and speak. Snyder was met with constant, loud booing. more »»

Still waiting for appointments to show up

May 14, 2016 If you are thinking about switching to Dish, think again. I made that mistake. I changed to Dish. They came out to install the TV, they called Frontier to come out and hook up my phone and Interne. more »»

There needs to be authority over handicap spots

May 13, 2016 Me and my wife are both disabled and have special plates and stickers to park close to store entrances. more »»

Concerned about woods, those who work them

May 13, 2016 Judging by an unsigned letter that was in our mailbox this morning scolding me for my recent letter to the editor about all the logging that's going on, there seems to be some confusio. more »»

Hats off to the CVB’s A-Team volunteers

May 7, 2016 With the recent declaration of National Volunteer Week in Alpena, along with the upcoming Volunteer Appreciation Day on May 27, I’d like to take a few moments to acknowledge the Alpena Area... more »»

Fully support previous letter writer’s stance

May 7, 2016 This is in response to Marlin Goebel's letter of May 2. We are living in a particular time in history. It's a time of undecidedness. Marlin, I'm standing firm with you as with our forefathers. Rev. more »»

Some comments on editorial page content

May 7, 2016 Views on passing letters to the editor. With all due respect to The News, could it be that there was a decimal between those ones in Mr. Fletcher's column and it was overlooked. more »»

Defending letter to editor on religous bigotry

May 7, 2016 Referring to Bill Johnson's letter of 4/18/2016: This is my opinion only, excluding others of my group. Your confusion may derive from The News heading. more »»

Donald Trump just the newest fantasy created

May 6, 2016 In the April 20, 2016, issue of this paper, Stephen Fletcher's commentary equates Donald Trump to John Wayne, which I think is a very apt comparison. more »»

Don’t let lawmakers take more from veterans

May 6, 2016 I have read that our national legislators are considering reducing our veterans housing and education benefits. more »»

Our country needs to survive brainwashing

May 2, 2016 History tells the story of the past and prophesy tells the story of the future, as does the Bible. Noah Webster is given credit for the dictionar. more »»



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