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We need to pay better attention to world event

November 21, 2015 What a sad day, I surfed every local news channel, 7&4, 9&10, and our local WBKB and none started their news show with the attack on France. It was mostly how hunting is starting on Sunday. more »»

All presidents have used executive powers

November 21, 2015 With regard to the Nov 11 Viewpoint about "getting back to gov't reflecting the will of the people,” I tend to agree with Jack Balkan, that "the will of the people is a legal and political fictio. more »»

Strongly opposed to proposed truck route

November 20, 2015 I write in response to the proposed routing of heavy truck use on Johnson Street in Alpena. more »»

Remember our veterans’ sacrifices every day

November 20, 2015 Veterans Day, a day, or even a few days when many stop someone they see wearing something vet related and they say thank you. more »»

Stop flying Conferate flag, symbol of hatred

November 14, 2015 After leaving church today on a beautiful fall day, I saw pure ugliness that made me angry. more »»

Water rates issue has familiar feel to it

November 14, 2015 As I read the article on water rates in Alpena Township I was reminded of another fleecing of township residents that occured a few years ag. more »»

We have to stop growing trend of homelessness

November 14, 2015 The Alpena News article by Nicole Grulke on Oct. more »»

Resignation might not happen elsewhere

November 14, 2015 Mizzou football players essentially forced the resignation of the university president after a history of increasing racial strife on that flagship campus. more »»

Our longevity is not limited by our genes

November 13, 2015 Our health and longevity are not dictated by the presence of our genes (which we can do little about), but rather by the function of our genes (which we can do much about. more »»

Pettalia, GOP don’t follow voters wishes

November 13, 2015 In spring 2015, 106th State Rep Peter Petallia went about the district presenting the road funding issue as to allow the people to decide if this measure should pas. more »»

Negative comments about ARMC unfounded

November 7, 2015 I had to have surgery which was scheduled for Oct. 14, 2015. The week before there were so many negative comments and views about our hospital that I was really concerned for my well bein. more »»

Support groups making Michigan better

November 7, 2015 We were reminded this spring about the 62-year-old twin pipelines (Line 5) under the Straits of Mackinac that also travels under lakes and streams across the Upper Peninsula from Canada. more »»

President needs to end madness of war effort

November 7, 2015 President Obama's unconstitutional wars need to stop. more »»

Financing care is hardest part for the elderly

November 7, 2015 In caring for the elderly, the most heart-breaking experience is not the medical conditions I treat but rather the financial struggles most retirees do not anticipate. more »»

Join in and help in battle to eliminate cancer

October 31, 2015 Recently, Vice President Joe Biden said the United States needs a “moonshot” to cure cance. more »»

Truck route off Johnson Street not wise choice

October 31, 2015 Well done ACC President MacMaster for speaking up on behalf of the nearly 2,000 students and staff at the College along with the thousands of citizens and visitors to our community that utilize the... more »»

Not in support of Alpena Dial-A-Ride millage

October 31, 2015 Please vote no on the Dial-A-Ride Millage on Tuesday. While Dial-A-Ride does a service the problem is too much money. more »»

Time for big changes to immigration system

October 31, 2015 We need to overhaul our immigration system. The green card system slows down free markets and free trade and blocks further innovation. more »»

Cost of election worth it to get decision right

October 24, 2015 In the editorial on ARMC of 10-10-15, mention was made of the cost of a special election, and whether it is worth the cost. more »»



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