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Maybe Leonard Pitts should move to Mexico

June 7, 2014 Come on. Not another column by Far Left Leonard Pitts. Why doesn't Far Left Leonard move to Mexico. Mexico has the strictest gun laws in the hemisphere. more »»

Confused by Pettalia’s comments, voting record

May 31, 2014 Who does Rep. Peter Petallia represent? Rep. Petallia voted for major funding cuts for our schools which affected hundreds of employees and their families in our system. more »»

Takes offense to viewpoint, Keystone pipeline

May 31, 2014 I take offense at the person who writes your viewpoint articles. It seems like every third issue he takes a slam at either the president or at his policies. more »»

Elected officials no longer serve public’s interest

May 31, 2014 Support S.J.Res.19 And H.J.Re. more »»

Kudos to those who worked to keep pediatric care

May 24, 2014 In January, Dr. Avery Aten alerted the community to a potential closing of inpatient pediatric care at Alpena Regional Medical Center. more »»

What are residents to do with their brush?

May 24, 2014 Disappointed with city services. Last week, the Alpena news published the yard waste pickup schedule. For brush and bagged material. more »»

Eliminate problem by eliminating plastic bags

May 24, 2014 Did you know there is a movement afoot in Cheboygan to reduce plastic shopping bags? We met Hannah, a student from Alpena, at Cheboygan's Earth Expo on April 12. more »»

Impressed with Art Around Town displays

May 23, 2014 Art Around Town is always such a fun initiative; it's sometimes cute, sometimes unusual, sometimes silly ... and sometimes impressive. more »»

Takes exception to editorial about EITC

May 23, 2014 Dear Alpena News, I read with interest your editorial about the Earned Income Tax Credit. But ... more »»

Success kids have at school begins at home

May 17, 2014 I was pleased to read that NEMCSA received statewide recognition for the School Success Program. more »»

Beware the next gov’t takover by Obamacore

May 17, 2014 Don’t be fooled by Obamacore. The above title is not a typo. There is a new Obama menace on the political horizon. more »»

Vietnam War exhibit at museum is wonderful

May 17, 2014 I would urge the public to view the Vietnam War exhibit currently on display at the Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan. more »»

Show support for teachers at next board meeting

May 17, 2014 Despite efforts by the Alpena teachers to offer other ways to save the district money, the School Board is continuing to pursue huge wage cuts for them. more »»

There are wiser cuts than teachers’ salaries

May 9, 2014 ?Good workplace morale is key to the growth and success of any company or institution. If we want excellent teachers we must acknowledge their hard work and dedication. more »»

New trail hitch violation nothing but trouble

May 9, 2014 Another great idea from our sitting Legislators, What are they thinking? There is a new law that says that we must remove our trailer hitches when not pull a trailer. more »»

A Constitutional View by Abraham Lincoln

May 9, 2014 "The people of these United States are the rightful masters of both Congresses and Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who "Pervert" the constitution. more »»

We aren’t being told everything about fracking

May 9, 2014 Fracking, are we properly informed? There has been much talk about gas fracking lately, but what do we really know? There was a story in the news about some new fracking regulations Michigan has... more »»

Disappointed in The News, Rep. Benishek

May 8, 2014 Your recent story featuring Congressman Dan Benishek focusing on health care and supposed cuts to Medicare through the Affordable Care Act struck m. more »»

Prayer group can have a positive impact

May 8, 2014 Wow, there are so many wonderful resources in our community that keep arising that I am not aware of and most likely many in Alpena are not aware of as well. more »»

Many people will suffer with loss of program

May 8, 2014 For the last 44 years, Northeast Michigan residents who experience a mental illness or developmental disability had the opportunity in the Monday Nigh Activities Program. more »»



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