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We need new approach to win war on drugs

December 12, 2015 We are not winning the war on drugs. It is a failed policy that has cost the U.S. trillions in national treasure. There are several things we can do at the local level. more »»

Michigan moving toward state of capitalism

December 12, 2015 Is Michigan moving closer to a form of state capitalism? That is where the state intervenes in the economy to protect and advance the interest of large scale businesses by extracting profits throug... more »»

Go back to original intent of 2nd Amendment

December 12, 2015 For those of you who also receive the Detroit News/Detroit Free Press in addition to the Alpena News, you saw that Mitch Albom in his Sunday column says the 2nd Amendment is 224 years old and is... more »»

Designated lanes vital to get through traffic

December 5, 2015 As Alpena grows, it is essential that Alpena expands its infrastructure. While it is necessary, there is a danger that in the process taxes will be raised or debts will be incurred. more »»

Christians, Muslims are not that different

December 5, 2015 The Rev. Erickson’s column of Nov. 21 captioned, “Church calendar,” sounds eerily like the clerical end–times ravings of the current Saudi. more »»

New bridge a wonderful addition to Alpena

December 5, 2015 While driving past the hospital today, I looked across the street and focused on the beautiful covered bridge that was gifted to our community by a group of individuals who came together and built... more »»

All colleges should fly American flag

December 5, 2015 Any college that will not fly the american flag because it offends some of their students should lose all federal money. Another option for the foreign students that are offended by our flag go home. more »»

Terrorists are like cockroaches, treat them as such

November 28, 2015 I lived in a 20 unit courtyard apartment building during graduate school. The building was sprayed on a three month basis by an exterminating service. more »»

Offering support for maligned truck drivers

November 28, 2015 My husband and I would like to respond to the article “Truck route off Johnson Street not wise choice.” Seriously, let's get our facts straight. more »»

Can’t believe flag can be banned at college

November 28, 2015 I can't understand why our troops are all over the world intervening in every conflict while our country is being undermined from within. more »»

Consult your physician about blood pressure

November 28, 2015 The media blitz over the "new" blood pressure control study (SPRINT) is grossly misleading. more »»

Disappointed by turnout at hospital meeting

November 26, 2015 I was disappointed in the light turn out for the special meeting that the County Commissioners called for Thursday, Nov. 19, at 7 p.m. at the Granum Theater. more »»

Disturbed by behavior of kids on new bridge

November 26, 2015 Sunday afternoon, Nov. 15, my granddaughter and I stopped to visit the beautiful covered bridge at Island Park. We noticed three women and several dogs sitting on the approach enjoying the sunshin. more »»

Libertarians the right alternative for Mich.

November 21, 2015 Michigan needs an alternative to the big government duopoly that are the Democrat and Republican Party. I believe the Libertarian Party of Michigan is a viable alternative. more »»

We need to pay better attention to world event

November 21, 2015 What a sad day, I surfed every local news channel, 7&4, 9&10, and our local WBKB and none started their news show with the attack on France. It was mostly how hunting is starting on Sunday. more »»

All presidents have used executive powers

November 21, 2015 With regard to the Nov 11 Viewpoint about "getting back to gov't reflecting the will of the people,” I tend to agree with Jack Balkan, that "the will of the people is a legal and political fictio. more »»

Strongly opposed to proposed truck route

November 20, 2015 I write in response to the proposed routing of heavy truck use on Johnson Street in Alpena. more »»

Remember our veterans’ sacrifices every day

November 20, 2015 Veterans Day, a day, or even a few days when many stop someone they see wearing something vet related and they say thank you. more »»

Stop flying Conferate flag, symbol of hatred

November 14, 2015 After leaving church today on a beautiful fall day, I saw pure ugliness that made me angry. more »»

Water rates issue has familiar feel to it

November 14, 2015 As I read the article on water rates in Alpena Township I was reminded of another fleecing of township residents that occured a few years ag. more »»



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