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Horn blowing in front of church unnecessary

May 1, 2014 As my husband and I left church this morning, we witnessed a car stop in the middle of Chisholm Street kindly letting a group of people cross to their cars. more »»

Kennedy is candidate for 106th state House

May 1, 2014 Although the Alpena News did not cover the event, the Kickoff Meeting for Robert Kennedy's campaign took place at the Fletcher Street Brewery in Alpena on Saturday, April 19. more »»

The comedy of Jesus as told through the Bible

May 1, 2014 Seems to me Jesus was the first Jewish comedian. The Gospels tell a tale of a young man going from gig to gig around ancient Palestine until he gets his big break in Jerusalem. more »»

How to teach both evolution and creation

April 25, 2014 How could creation and evolution be taught as models in the public schools? As a Model Since both Creation and Evolution cannot be Scientifically Tested (that means Earth’s origin cannot be... more »»

Agrees Senate Bill 248 passing is not good

April 25, 2014 Bravo Editor: I am responding to your editorial condemning senate bill 248 that passed and is signed into law, sad indeed. more »»

Loan program doesn’t really sound like a loan

April 25, 2014 One question about the front-page story on Monday, 4/21/14. It tells of a Presque Isle loan program for people who have not paid their taxes. more »»

Legacy costs the root of APS’s financial issues

April 25, 2014 Since 2011, state spending on public schools increased by 6.4 percent. The problem is not with Lansing. more »»

Key Club shows it has strength, determination

April 18, 2014 Seeing the Key Club in the paper was heart warming. Sports teams at the high school receive recognition for playing well, and our club played wel. more »»

Younger generation has civic-minded people

April 18, 2014 We moved to Alpena in 1965 and have witnessed many positive changes in 49 years. We have found it to be “a warm and friendly port, filled with generous people. more »»

Do right thing, return items that were taken

April 18, 2014 To the person or persons who decided to help themselves to four running jackets, three pairs of running gloves, one pair of running pants, our energy packs and one fanny pack from under the stop... more »»

Council needs to rethink elections savings

April 16, 2014 Ten thousand dollars every two years. Apparently three members on the City Council want to avoid having a lot of people voting in city elections. more »»

Local 211, other units not receiving raises

April 16, 2014 I wish to clarify some facts in Steve Schulwitz's story "Board approves pay raises for some employees" in the Friday, March 28, edition of your paper. more »»

Reducing gov’t units doesn’t always work

April 14, 2014 My wife is Canadian. When weather people forecast inclement weather, “Coming down from Canada” it annoys her. Canada doesn’t make the weather; it’s a messenger. more »»

APS personnel deserve community support

April 14, 2014 I work at Thunder Bay Junior High School as a teacher, and this much I know is true. Our world is changing. more »»

Beilein shouldn’t talk about not enlisting

April 11, 2014 There was an article in the Alpena News, Sports section on March 27, 2014, about the University of Michigan basketball coach John Beilein. The article deals with serving our country. more »»

Alpena needs a hospitality house for families

April 11, 2014 My husband and I stayed at the hospitality house in Traverse City so I could have surgery the next day. more »»

We no longer look to Constitution for direction

April 11, 2014 Who gives directions? Solving the nation’s problems requires some kind of guidance or wisdom that provides a source of direction. The White House is surely not in a position to give direction. more »»

Stamas, Pettalia show no interest in cutting waste

April 11, 2014 Regarding your article on Stamas and Petallia: Neither one seems to be concerned regarding the wasted tax dollars being spent by our AG when he sent an assistant AG from Lansing to Rogers City to... more »»

Flight schedule part of problem at airport

April 10, 2014 I read with great mirth the column on why enplanements are down at the airport. I actually had to read the article twice due my disbelief. more »»

Trying to apply some of the Republican logic

April 10, 2014 I would like to apply the Republican logic to the minimum wage battle being fought throughout our Country. more »»



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