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Writer should put library fee into context

March 28, 2014 To the lady who was "upset by the library fee" .... more »»

We need to properly spend health care funding

March 28, 2014 Gee, this really works out well. more »»

Make sure you’re insured to ease cost of care

March 28, 2014 A friend recently broke her leg. She does not have health care insurance. Her out-of-pocket costs are over $7,000. That's actually not so bad. more »»

Mandatory antlerless restrictions don’t work

March 21, 2014 A report of violations for antler restriction in Michigan shows clearly what other states have experienced. more »»

NEMCSA helps mom return home to live

March 21, 2014 Nowadays we read so much about bad things that are happening, we don't often hear about good things. I would like to point out the good being done by our Alpena NEMCSA organizatio. more »»

Alpena Township supervisor a good leader

March 21, 2014 Sandie Nowak, Presque Isle County Township Supervisor should not be a member of the fire department (March 12, 2014). more »»

In agreement that liberty makes country great

March 21, 2014 I am writing to voice my agreement and support for Delbert Beyer’s letter regarding the supreme importance of liberty. more »»

Be sure to use health-related tax deductions

March 20, 2014 It's tax season: don't let Uncle Sam short-change your health. There are many tax-deductible health-related expenses; your doctor can help you document them. more »»

Get facts right about driving school, testing

March 20, 2014 This letter is in response to Mr. Oke’s letter regarding the driving school. First of all, my driving school (Alpena Driving School) is not employed by Alpena High School. more »»

Confident that U.S. Constitution will prevail

March 19, 2014 All is not dark and troubled, but there are gleams of light along the line of the horizon. Obama is the president; but be assured that he is nothing more. more »»

Be sure to register to vote in time for election

March 18, 2014 Yes your right to vote is of a great value to each and every one of us eligible to vote. For the August election, the deadline to register is the 7th of July 2014. more »»

Dog owners need to clean up after their pets

March 18, 2014 First and foremost I am a dog lover and owner who walks our pet almost every day and always have a poop bad in a pocket. more »»

AHS boys basketball has memorable season

March 18, 2014 Hats off to the AHS boys basketball team for their fabulous season. Going 20-2 with a 20 game winning streak is no easy task. more »»

Upset by library fee for living outside county

March 16, 2014 Last Saturday I was very disappointed to find out that I could no longer take out books on tape from the Alpena Public Library without paying $25 per year because I live seven miles outside of the ... more »»

Yellow journalism led to the war on drugs

March 16, 2014 Hello and good day, Alpena News readers. I wrote a letter to the Editor last week about my thoughts on an article that presented a skewed view on the Keystone XL Pipelin. more »»

Parents could learn about class from students

March 14, 2014 I saw something twice at the basketball games last week that I must tell you about. I have long been an Alcona High School basketball fan and attend many other games as well. more »»

Liberty is most important word for country

March 14, 2014 This letter was written because of growing personal concerns about the dangerous places that our nation's progressive elected leaders are taking this nation. more »»

Technology advances keep helping with vision

March 14, 2014 Being an Optometrist for 40 years here in Alpena I have seen a lot of changes in my profession but most recently the advances in lens styles and coatings have addressed the way we use our eyes in... more »»

Take a closer look at our education spending

March 14, 2014 A recent letter published on Feb 28 by a former educator and willing taxpayer Jim Shaffer seems to suggest we have a problem funding education in this state and nation. more »»



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