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Questions, Anyone?

February 28, 2015 Mind your P's and Q's Q. Reader Sarah Schnell asks, "Where does the term "Mind your P's and Q's" come from?" A. There are several conjectures about the origin of the P's and Q's phras. more »»

ARMC Cardiac Rehab can take care of your heart

February 28, 2015 Have you ever had any of the following heart conditions or procedures? * coronary artery disease (CAD) * Angina * Coronary Artery Bypass Graft... more »»

“Create In Me….”

February 28, 2015 The Psalmist writes “Create in me, a clean Heart, O God. more »»

Hopefully agreement can be reached soon for RC marina

February 27, 2015 We are closely watching negotiations in Rogers City between the city and Northern Michigan Marine Management Services to see whether a new contract soon will be reached between the two. more »»

Ebola is still killing in Africa

February 26, 2015 President Barack Obama has made it clear he believes the route to peace in our time leads through a campaign of making people in other nations like Americans. more »»

Dream with me and imagine the possiblities

February 26, 2015 I mostly do long term planning at my day job. Since power lines and associated equipment can be physically viable for as long as 70 years, a guy wants to be fairly certain in his prognostications. more »»

U.S. searches for face-saving plan with Iran

February 25, 2015 No wonder Iran’s rulers thought they could continue developing nuclear weapons without fearing U.S. action to stop them. Under President Barack Obama, they have gotten away with it for years. more »»

End Islamic terrorism sooner rather than later

February 24, 2015 Neither Iraq nor Syria was the site of Islamic State terrorists’ most recent atrocity. It was in Libya that they kidnapped and beheaded nearly two dozen Egyptian Christians. more »»

Sometimes you just have to ask

February 24, 2015 I have never participated in a polar plunge before. It’s not the frigid, icy, cold water on what might be a cloudy, chilly, and potentially extremely windy day that has kept me away. more »»

Keep 2001 authorization

February 23, 2015 After Islamic terrorists attacked the United States on Sept. 11, 2001, members of Congress wasted no time in giving then-President George W. more »»

A vote still counts vs. big-money lobbyists

February 21, 2015 Some numbers just make you shake your head, and anything with six zeros on the end of it gets your attention. more »»

Respect for the work firefighters do

February 21, 2015 Cold weather triggers a lot of unwelcome side effects and, unfortunately, fires often are one of those. more »»

Getting kids excited about learning

February 21, 2015 Education is the silver bullet. It is what leads to progress, innovation, advancements in all fields. In other words, it is the key to everything. Imagine all the things in your life. more »»

Live with a lighter burden

February 21, 2015 We all live with burdens in life. Whether we are concerned about a stack of bills, a job change or driving on bad roads. Something weighs on our mind every day. Imagine lightening your load. more »»

Bessers’ charitable givings continue

February 20, 2015 Our region has been blessed by the legacy of industrialist/philanthropist Jesse Besser and his wife Anna. Long after both have been gone, their generosity keeps giving and giving to our community. more »»

Uphill road battle for governor

February 20, 2015 The opposition leading the charge for a no vote on the road fix/sales tax hike has two advantages at this read — (1) A simple message: Vote no on raising taxes, and (2) the four coalitions are... more »»

Congress needs details before approving Obama’s military plan

February 19, 2015 Debate over a critical issue of U.S. policy — defeating Islamic terrorists — appears to have taken on an impressive bipartisan tone. more »»

We know better what is needed here

February 18, 2015 It’s five o’clock in the morning and I’m feeling like the lyrics that Peter, Paul, and Mary sang: “But the dawn is breakin’, it’s early morn The taxi’s waiting, he’s blowin’ his horn” Of course ther... more »»

Setting limits in battle against ISIS would be disastrous

February 18, 2015 The more territory they capture, the more recruits they get and the more money they accumulate in their war chest, the more likely Islamic State terrorists are to launch an attack on the U.S. more »»

Finding your Everest and making it your legacy

February 17, 2015 My husband’s new favorite saying is, “It’s not a hill I want to die on.” I think we heard this when talking to a group of friends and it stuck. more »»



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