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Alpena County residents need not fret about being represented

August 6, 2016 Regardless of who ultimately replaces Peter Pettalia as our next Michigan House legislator, one thing is for sure — that person won’t be from Alpena County. more »»

Some changes to get more people to vote

August 6, 2016 Nineteen percent of Michigan's registered voters turned out to the polls Tuesday. Nineteen. For you English majors like me, that's roughly one in five. more »»

Camp Good Grief helps children heal heartache

August 6, 2016 A young girl is crying, holding a photo and talking with an adult in a corner. In the same room, other children are sitting at tables and creating art projects. more »»

Decision on goose hunt right one to make

August 5, 2016 On a 3-2 vote this week Alpena Municipal Council agreed to reinstate a goose hunt within city limits this fall. more »»

Time to prioritize finding a Zika cure, vaccine

August 4, 2016 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advisory that pregnant women should stay out of a section of Miami is not the most disturbing news about the Zika virus this week. more »»

Remember how police risk their lives for us

August 3, 2016 Only William Gossett knows with certainty what he would have done had police in Monaca, Pa., not arrested him outside a movie theater. more »»

Get out and vote in today’s primary

August 2, 2016 Whether you are a Republican or Democrat — or something entirely different — you have to agree that today is an important day. Primary elections are today, with polls remaining open until 8 p.. more »»

Mosby, too, needs to be held accountable

August 1, 2016 On April 12, 2015, Baltimore, Md., police arrested 25-year-old Freddie Gray on a charge of possessing an illegal switchblade knife. more »»

Political conventions always full of drama

August 1, 2016 If the political parties had the power they would orchestrate every nominating convention to be a coronation. more »»

Changing and experimenting with TBTA route changes makes perfect sense

July 30, 2016 New routes and stops for Alpena’s trolley system began this week. And, like the previous routes, it will take a few weeks to evaluate the effectiveness of the new system. more »»

Impressions from the Democratic convention

July 30, 2016 Come Heller high water … the Democratic convention edition * Sorry, Republicans, the Dems are kicking your tushies on this convention business. more »»

Vote ‘yes’ on APS millage renewal

July 29, 2016 Alpena Public Schools is looking for your support Tuesday. more »»

Another example why we must eradicate evil

July 28, 2016 Two Islamic State terrorists invaded a church in France during morning Mass Tuesday. Before they were shot down by police, they forced the 86-year-old priest to his knees and slit his throat. more »»

Upskirt photos should be illegal

July 27, 2016 If you are among the perverted class who engage in “upskirt” photography, Georgia may be the place for yo. more »»

Summertime escapade in Harrisville

July 26, 2016 Do you need to get away — soon? Have you been navigating your vessel through a storm using a budget that has flipped it upside down? You see no sign of it’s righting. You have no life raft. more »»

Obama, Clinton shouldn’t criticize Trump’s comments

July 26, 2016 President Barack Obama and his former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, probably are the last people who should be lecturing Donald Trump about the United States keeping its commitments to other... more »»

Keep fighting IS, but don’t forget other terrorists

July 25, 2016 The Islamic State is the politically incorrect terrorist organization of the year. more »»

Opponents nail gov on DEQ director

July 25, 2016 The Snyder administration continues to be the gift that keeps giving as it has serves up one juicy political issue after another that Democrats have gleefully used to whack away at the beleaguered... more »»

Be prepared before voting

July 23, 2016 In a little over a week — Aug. 2 — registered voters across Michigan will have the opportunity to participate in the state’s primary election. more »»

Drone test important for Alpena

July 23, 2016 At the end of this year when you reflect back on all that 2016 afforded, remember Thursday, July 21. more »»



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