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The teen son’s driving test

October 15, 2016 Henry is taking his driving test. I am in the back seat because for some reason they make a parent come along these days, and I lost the coin flip with the lovely yet formidable Marci. more »»

USS Detroit a testament to Levin

October 14, 2016 A new ship will join the U.S. Navy’s arsenal later this month — the USS Detroit. more »»

A change of perspective

October 13, 2016 When I first got involved in the Michigan College Access Network I was given a book. I don’t remember the title but one concept really stands out to me from the book. more »»

Clinton camp didn’t take email scandal seriously

October 13, 2016 Hillary Clinton’s advisers apparently thought her husband’s ability to escape repercussions for his misdeeeds — one nickname for him was “Slick Willy” — had rubbed off on her. more »»

Playing the name game: Who is worse?

October 12, 2016 Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump most certainly deserves the criticism he is receiving for crude, demeaning comments about women. more »»

EpiPen company will continue to make more money

October 11, 2016 People delighted to learn last week that Mylan Pharmaceuticals will pay the government $465 million to settle a dispute over EpiPens should consider two things: First, the entire EpiPen controvers... more »»

Martin case gives concerns to improvement of national security

October 10, 2016 When Edward Snowden fled from the United States in 2013, bearing with him an enormous amount of secret government information, it became clear the National Security Agency was anything but secure. more »»

Kaine-Pence conduct better debate

October 10, 2016 If the polls are correct 82 percent of the voters claim the vice presidential candidates on the ticket will not be influencing their vote for presiden. more »»

DDA board listens to owners on snow removal plan

October 8, 2016 That sure got plowed over quickly. We are talking of the snow removal policy proposed by the Alpena Downtown Development Authority last month. more »»

Stupak remembered during crazy presidential race

October 7, 2016 Former U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak, who for many years represented the 1st Congressional seat in Michigan, had his name come up in a national publication recently. more »»

Law on school bus flashing lights

October 6, 2016 Recently, it has been brought to our attention at the Michigan State Police Alpena Post that there is not a clear understanding of how to properly stop for yellow and red flashing school bus light. more »»

Hometown bankers shouldn’t pay the price for big bankers misdeeds

October 6, 2016 Never let a good crisis go to waste. The big government crowd operates by that rule, using it as frequently as possible to expand their intrusiveness into our lives. more »»

More proof VA lets down veterans

October 5, 2016 Many troubled military veterans turn to a crisis hotline operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs. It received more than 500,000 calls last year. more »»

The ringing of the bells

October 4, 2016 Poetry often causes people to move in a direction opposite to where it’s at. There are exceptions: Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” for example. It can bring in a non poet from a fair distanc. more »»

Next president needs to make North Korea a priority

October 4, 2016 What next from North Korea? One week the rogue dictatorship tests new missiles. The next, it improves its nuclear arsena. more »»

More than Mylan should feel wrath of Congress

October 3, 2016 Mylan Pharmaceuticals and its chief executive officer, Heather Bresch, have been easy targets for politicians seeking to gain headlines as defenders of financially hard-pressed American families. more »»

Doc throws wrench into Flint water news

October 3, 2016 In a matter of minutes the Flint water crisis mushroomed into a nationwide warning from the main researcher who has dealt with the lead-in-the-water health threat. more »»

U-M goes too far with personal pronoun policy

October 1, 2016 Where is the line between showing someone common respect and decency and political correctness gobbley-gook? Isn’t he and she still appropriate pronouns to use with people, instead of having to try... more »»

40 years and the memory still strong

October 1, 2016 Forty years have passed. It started out as a normal day for 20 men as they boarded the Air Force KC-135 at K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base in the Upper Peninsula. But Sep. more »»

‘Kids being kids’ isn’t the same anymore

October 1, 2016 I need a break — we all need a break — from the election, so today I'm going to write about jungle gyms, specifically the one in a black and white photo — circa 1920s or so — someone posted to... more »»



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