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Wildlife takes place of Presque Isle’s only traffic light

May 30, 2014 There are many things that make living in Northeast Michigan unique. One of those is the traffic, or lack there of. more »»

Parents not teaching their children about consequences

May 30, 2014 Back in the day when you messed up at school you not only got in trouble with the teacher, but when you got home you got a double dose of trouble from your parents. Oh my the cultural sea change. more »»

Better focus on STEM funding necessary for real results

May 29, 2014 Every year, U.S. businesses with job openings for technology specialists resort to hiring thousands of bright young foreigners to fill them. more »»

Little disagreement with Robert Reich

May 28, 2014 Robert Reich is a contributing columnist to this newspaper, a professor of Public Policy at UC Berkley, a socialist, a close adviser to this administration at the White House and generally in... more »»

Time for president to give Keystone the go-ahead

May 28, 2014 Oil prices are back above $100 a barrel, and that will hit U.S. motorists at the gasoline pumps. The most recent price increase, to $103.04 a barrel for benchmark U.S. more »»

Do the mistakes of government have any consequences?

May 27, 2014 Men and women in the military come to understand quickly that mistakes or shirking one’s duty can have truly terrible consequences. People die. more »»

Why American women are endangered

May 27, 2014 According to a report released earlier this month in the widely respected health research journal The Lancet, the United States now ranks 60th out of 180 countries on maternal deaths occurring durin... more »»

Our youth are lost in poverty and snow storms

May 27, 2014 Many years ago, in upstate New York, there was a lady who was caught in a fierce snow storm that produced conditions called a "whiteout. more »»

A day to remember those who fought for us

May 25, 2014 They were young men from the lushly forested hills of West Virginia and the barren deserts of Utah, from mill towns in Ohio and university communities in Connecticut. more »»

Uncle Sam needs DREAMers

May 25, 2014 A plan to allow some young people to serve in the U.. more »»

What successful political leaders have in common

May 25, 2014 A long time ago, I learned from Bill Schneider, a very wise man, that in order to understand American politics, you have to understand the differences between an ideologue — a believer in a defined... more »»

An address we’ll never hear because of today’s politics

May 25, 2014 WASHINGTON — All modern presidents of both parties have been too much with us. Talking incessantly, they have put politics unhealthily at the center of America’s consciousness. more »»

Dropped flight to Minneapolis a loss

May 24, 2014 I’m just a statistic. More specifically, I’m just an emplanement in the eyes of the Federal Aviation Administration and Alpena County Regional Airport. more »»

Matthias’ ambitious goal for Hillman school is admirable

May 24, 2014 We appreciate men and women with vision. We applaud those who can dream about making our communities better, stronger, healthier and more vibrant. more »»

Summertime and music go hand in hand

May 24, 2014 “What a beautiful noise Comin' up from the street It's got a beautiful sound It's got a beautiful beat “It's a beautiful noise Goin' on ev'rywhere Like the clickety-clack Of a train on a... more »»

Questions, Anyone?

May 24, 2014 Alpena Packing House Q. Reader Judy Reimann would like to know more about the Alpena Packing House where her mother worked and her grandfather was an owner sometime in the 1930s and 1940s. A. more »»

Saying ‘no more’

May 24, 2014 By HOSPICE OF MICHIGAN/ALPENA For many parents, it’s what they fear most: the death of their child. more »»

Minimum wage increase may lead to choosing ‘lesser of two evils’

May 23, 2014 Michigan’s minimum wage already is higher than the federal government’s $7.25, but it could increase from $7.40 an hour to $9. more »»

Real incentives go a long way

May 21, 2014 Have you ever had thoughts just stick in your brain that won’t go away? I’ve got two of those right now. The first is a lyric: “Just call me Angel of the morning, Angel. more »»

Consider your vantage point

May 20, 2014 I think through a lot of different topics, and come up with many of my best ideas while I am working out or walking the dog. more »»



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