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Make it a safe and successful hunt

November 14, 2015 It’s time again to paint the woods a bright hunter’s orange. more »»

Coping with grief at the holidays

November 14, 2015 Pat Chambers was a wife, mother of five and grandmother of 12. She loved to garden and enjoyed the beauty of nature. more »»

The sounds of Christmas ... and of need

November 13, 2015 Area residents began hearing the ringing of beautiful holiday bells beginning today at various shopping locations as the Salvation Army began its annual Red Kettle campaign. more »»

A perilous prediction and taller task

November 12, 2015 President Barack Obama’s prediction there will be no peace accord between Israelis and Palestinians before he leaves office in early 2017 certainly was, as he put it, “realistic. more »»

An October filled with learning

November 11, 2015 I’ve had an outstanding October. more »»

We need to get back to gov’t reflecting will of the people

November 11, 2015 Our system of government uses Congress as a vehicle to both reflect the will of the people and at times provide leadership that may not be reflected in public opinion. more »»

Obama wants Americans to stop using fossil fuels, but at what cost?

November 10, 2015 It was bad enough when President Barack Obama used the proposed Keystone XL pipeline for domestic political reasons, to placate his radical environmentalist base. more »»

Re-establish American ingenuity through vocational programs

November 10, 2015 When I was a teenager I went to Texas to visit my Uncle Mike during summer vacation. Uncle Mike is a successful business man who specializes in the welding and fabrication of exotic metals. more »»

Another sign that Obamacare is broken

November 9, 2015 In what many observers viewed as a referendum on Obamacare, Kentucky voters on Tuesday elected only the second Republican governor the state has had in four decades. GOP Gov. more »»

Bill was one of those soldiers

November 9, 2015 Bill is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, he’s in the alley between Lots 4 and 9. His wife and other family members are close by — some in the alley — others no. more »»

And now the blame game over the road funding begins

November 9, 2015 Let's have a show of hands. Everyone who read the headlines that the legislature passed a $1.2 billion road fix plan, raise your hands. more »»

It comes down to moderation for teenagers

November 7, 2015 Many people still remember a time when it was the number of hours children spent in front of “the boob tube” that was worrisome. Technology has made that an old-fashioned concern. more »»

Politics drives road funding decision

November 7, 2015 Highway robbery. At least that is what it seemed like last weekend traveling through Ohio and Pennsylvania. more »»

Questions, Anyone?

November 7, 2015 Four Mile, Seven Mile dams?? ?Q. Reader Steve Westrope says that the Seven Mile Dam in Alpena's Thunder Bay River is not ?three miles upriver from the Four Mile Dam. more »»

ARMC offers education to help control diabetes

November 7, 2015 Type 2 Diabetes is a disorder that affects the way the body uses digested food for growth and energy. Normally, the food one eats is broken down into glucose, a form of sugar. more »»

Brown Trout’s future rests in hands of potential volunteers

November 6, 2015 Now is the time ... If you believe the Michigan Brown Trout Festival is too important for our community to lose, then the time is now for you to assist in efforts to save it. more »»

Criminal histories shouldn’t be banned from government job applications

November 5, 2015 America has been a land of second chances for many people. For that reason, President Barack Obama’s call for better efforts to integrate ex-convicts into society probably will resonate among many. more »»

Reading vital to improving workforce

November 4, 2015 Even good change can create problems. As an example our local unemployment rate is finally down to manageable levels at less than 5 percent. more »»

GOP has opportunity with March 2017 budget deadline

November 4, 2015 Conservatives in Congress made a mistake by approving a two-year federal budget. President Barack Obama could barely contain his glee over the measure. more »»

Special ops units not numerous enough to get job done

November 3, 2015 Members of U.S. military special operations units are very, very good at what they do. But they are not that good. more »»



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