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Scribbles on Pa(i)ges

Paige Trisko - Perkins/Student Support Services Technician at ACC/ Adjunct Instructor

Paige Trisko

Paige grew up just north of Hillman on her family's farm. She spent her summers helping her father on the farm, riding her horse and reading books that her mother borrowed from the library under the shade of any nearby tree or round bale of hay.

Paige is the Perkins/Student Support Services Technician at Alpena Community College where she also serves as an adjunct instructor.

She graduated first from Albion College and then went for a Master's degree in Anthropology at Western Michigan University where most all of her peers assumed she had a degree in Literature (she does not).

Paige enjoys a variety of activities including softball, yoga, cooking and, of course, reading. Her passion in books stems to her childhood. Reading for enjoyment began to take a back seat during her graduate studies when she focused her attention on nonfiction and research. Her passion for books was rekindled by her students when she spent a summer teaching reading classes to children and adults of all ages. What she learned that summer from her students was, perhaps, the most valuable learning experience she has ever had, and she will never let her passion for fiction slip again.

This blog will be in conjunction with that passion for books and present one bibliophile's perspective on anything having to do with the book industry.

Paige's central bookish interests include classic literature, contemporary literature, fantasy and some science fiction, historical fiction, young adult, children's literature, and, most recently, horror.

Please note, that while Paige scribbles on pages, she does not scribble on the pages of books that do not belong to her.

phone: 989-358-7329


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