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PO'ed at D.C.

October 9, 2013 - Steve Schulwitz
Physics teaches you that every action causes a reaction, but the current stalemate in Washington D.C. is proving that inaction can cause a reaction as well.

How large of a reaction the federal government's shutdown will produce is yet to be fully known, but its impact is being felt by furloughed workers and the world markets already.

As bad as things are in the nation's capital right now things will only get worse if the House of Representatives, the Senate and President Obama don't agree to disagree, get back to work and iron out some sort of deal to hike the nation's debt ceiling.

As confident as I was several weeks ago that an agreement could be reached, I'm now skeptical that without a concession by the president, a deal can be struck. It has become a game of chicken with both sides waiting to see who blinks first. Are they unaware that all involved are receiving black-eyes for their inability to get along? The sad part is we are becoming the laughing stock of the globe and our credibility, as well as our reputation, are being questioned or thrown out the window completely. How did we get to this point and more importantly, how do we get back on track? At this point I'm not so sure we aren't past the point of no return and that the America our forefathers envisioned isn't gone forever.

I love the United States, but it seems there are more Americans each day who don't. Many wish they could move somewhere else, or worse yet plot to harm it. We are seeing more civil unrest than I can remember and people's tolerance for its government is growing more thin by the minute. If we continue down this path it is only natural to wonder if another civil war is in the cards.

Are we going to end up like the Arab nations in who's business we meddle or are we going to right the ship and begin to earn back the credibility and respect that has been lost?

I vote for the latter and it needs to begin now.

The president, Republican and Democrats need to reopen the government. Do what it takes to meet our financial responsibilities and quit acting like spoiled brats.

Remember, all of you, your job is not safe and like many others around the country, you can lose it if you boss (the voters) feel you aren't pulling your weight. If it were left up to me you would have all received your walking papers last week.


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Nov-03-13 5:32 AM

We beat them Southerners last time and we'll beat them (Tealiban) again.


Oct-09-13 3:29 PM

Boehner refuses to put a "clean" bill up for a vote in the House. There have been indications that there are enough moderate republicans in favor of such a bill that it would pass. If it didn't pass, it would serve to strengthen the Republicans' position and may influence some sort of concessions from the Democrats. The Republicans are playing "chicken" over an issue that SHOULDN'T EVEN BE ON THE TABLE. The Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010. Get over it and move on.


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