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May 23, 2010 - Steve Schulwitz

It has been some time since I have updated this portion of our web-site, but that doesn't mean that I haven't had a shortage of ideas or opinions that I wanted to convey. Normally I select one topic and zero in on that exclusively, but I am going to do something out of the ordinary and tackle several subjects that have made headlines locally.

 First off let's begin with the murder/suicide that took place in Alpena.

The event happened in the Thunder Bay Apartments and was a useless loss of life. The other reporters and myself were in the newsroom when a call came over the scanner that there were shots fired at the location.One reporter rushed out the door, and a moment later an update came requesting medical personnel.

I rushed to the scene not really grasping the seriousness of the situation I was walking into and assumed that if anything serious had occurred it did so inside the building. I couldn't have been more wrong.

I parked behind a nearby gas station and rushed down the trail that connects the complex with the business. I proceeded to manoeuvre as close to the scene as allowed. After shooting several photos, a police officer approached me and questioned my credentials. It was then, as I peered over his shoulder, I noticed the body. I hadn't seen it. I was so caught up in the story and what angle I wanted to take the photo, that I overlooked one of the story's main subjects.This was my first experience reporting a death where the victim was still on the scene. I can only pray that it is my last. If a similar incident should happen again however, I know I will not be so quick to rush into it without considering the seriousness of it.

 Oh where, oh where has my "bull market" gone?

The correction in the stock market many predicted has taken place.The problem though is many of the issues that are rattling stock prices have little to do with the companies themselves. Concern over Europe, China and the financial reform legislation that is in congress have increased unrest in the market. The "Flash Crash" on May 6 also added to the nervousness, although it was a system bug-a-boo. Profit reports and future projections are better than they have been in years.These businesses have trimmed away the fat from their operating practices and have benefited from a larger top line because of it. Typically that would prove to be very appealing for an investor, but the Dow Jones has plummeted over 1000 points since the start of quarterly earnings.

I sold off some of my stock just before its latest losing streak and have since increased my positions, at a lower price. Things will straighten out and in my opinion the march higher will resume. Jobs are being created, consumer confidence is strengthening and the real estate market is beginning to show signs of life. Things aren't perfect, but they are a far cry from what they were a little less than two years ago and the numbers prove that.

 As a resident of Rogers City, let me go on record to say that no matter who had final say on the operating permit for Wolverine's proposed power plant, they really dropped the ball. That and the voters in NE Michigan are appalled by the shenanigans and deceit.

If it was our governor, I'm sure she figures she is going to be through in Lansing soon and if my intuition is correct, making a bid for power somewhere in Washington.

If it was the DNRE, than shame on you. You caved to the Michigan Public Service Commission and Jenny. You know a more modern plant would do much less damage than others that are still in operation now. This would have been a shining moment for you if this would have been approved and then an obsolete facility closed someday down the road. Before it was pretty much just the hunters and farmers calling for your scalp. Now it is businessmen, school officials, and anyone who had hopes of landing a good job associated with the plant. Last but not least, the MPSC. I think you need to buy a new calculator, because somewhere in your fact finding there is a large miscalculation pertaining to the rate increases.


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