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Who says there's no jobs?

March 14, 2010 - Steve Schulwitz


Well it's official.

Michigan's unemployment problem is over. As a matter of fact, it appears there are too many jobs and not enough people remaining in the workforce to fill the posted positions.

I wish this was the case, but the sad truth is that the state's high unemployment rate is higher than the national average. There are jobs available out there however. Not ones created by Governor Granholm, or President Obama, but by "Uncle Sam."

They are census jobs.

If the signs that line Michigan's roadside are any indication, there seems to be a shortage of people who are willing to do the work during this once a decade, head count.

Now these may not be the highest paying jobs, but they certainly aren't the lowest either. Surely they are paying better than many of the unemployment checks being delivered to the areaás mailboxes. The nicest part about working for Uncle Sam is you don't have to worry about the employer filing for bankruptcy, or going out of business, or do we? Sure they may not be as prestigious as some of the jobs lost, but jobs are jobs and we should celebrate them.

Anyway, have things reached the point to where some of the people who are unemployed have become complacent? Are they happy with the unemployment check and food card they have? Do they understand those sources of income won't last forever? Maybe people are not lining up for these jobs, because they believe a better opportunity will present itself soon? Maybe their self confidence has been shattered because of the failed previous attempts to find a job? Whatever the reason, I find it hard to believe that even one of these positions are even available. Heck, I thought about applying for one and tried to see if I could squeeze in a few extra hours to help supplement my income. I couldnát do it, but there must be someone who can?

Everywhere I go people complain about there not being any jobs in Michigan, let alone Alpena. That excuse doesn't fly any longer.

There are jobs, right here, right now. They will pay you a check. With that check you will have income you can spend. Because you spent your check, store and factory inventories get depleted, which causes an increase in production and hiring.

It is a snowball or a trickle down effect. Call it what you will, but the bottom line is we must take advantage of these jobs now. This government hiring could be an effective form of stimulus so let's get as much bang for the government's buck as possible. If people waste this opportunity, they should never be able to say, with a clear conscience, there are no jobs in Alpena, or voice their dismay over stimulus spending.


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