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The superintendent's wife and the student

January 24, 2008 - Steve Murch
The whole incident with the Fairfax, Va., superintendent’s wife and the student certainly is getting a lot of air time on the cable news channels. If you haven’t heard the woman’s rant, then you have completely avoided television the last several days.

To start, yes the woman was wrong to make the call. As the wife of a public person, she does have to conduct herself under the radar unless it is for the public good, like charities, fund-raisers, PR, that sort of thing. However, she shouldn’t be expected to be a doormat or punch line, which is what the news channels have done.

Talk about one-sided coverage. This student is being made out to be a saint who only wanted to know if there was school. That’s a pile of BS.

No one gets that upset about a phone message, regardless of the call. The woman said he was too busy to return the student’s call, which must have meant the student called to ask, then called again when he didn’t get the call back from the superintendent. He also had to have said the magic words. Everyone has them and they don’t have to be vulgar to push the right buttons.

So here this kid is, thinking he deserves a special call by the superintendent when the rest of the parents and students are willing to watch TV or listen to the radio to get the information about a school closing. On top of that, the woman alludes to fact the student disagreed with the decision made by her husband.

We’ll never know what the kids said since it was an answering machine and the superintendent or his wife didn’t post it on the Web for all to hear. The right thing for the cable news channels to do is to tell the woman’s side of the story and find out what the kid said to set her off.

They won’t do it because they want to play holier-than-thou and preach that this poor kid just wanted to know if there was school. Come on CNN, show some class and contact the woman and tell both sides of the story. Quit laughing at the woman’s expense and quit making this teenage kid out to be a victim. You should know that there is a lot more to the story, you built your reputation on getting the whole story.

Veronica de la Cruz, who I like as a journalist, has smiled and joked every time she did the story. She should be the one to tell the whole story.


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