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The apocalypse is upon us

August 14, 2009 - Steve Murch
Here is a clear sign that the apocalypse is upon us: A comic book store owner sold a rare Archie comic book because Archie proposed to Veronica instead of Betty in the upcoming comic book.

Oh ... My ... God. I'm checking the sky for something to come crashing down and wipe out civilization because I can't believe someone would be this upset about FICTION. And comic book fiction at that.

God bless Dave Luebke, he has something he is passionate about, but isn't that going overboard? In real life the bully sometimes wins, the bad guy gets all the breaks and the wrong woman gets the proposal. Why should fiction be any different?

Luebke recently sold his rare first issue Archie comic through an auction house, Heritage Auction Gallery in Dallas, for $38,837. At least he got good money for his protest, the fans who will protest in Philadelphia about the Eagles signing Michael Vick won't get anything — unless they do something illegal, then they will get something — arrested.

To be honest, I'm not sure which is bigger, that someone got upset about the outcome of a comic, or that a comic fetched nearly $40,000. I understand collecting, so don't try to preach to me about it. I just think most of this stuff is so overrated.

Who sets the going rate on this stuff? People who have disposable income and are willing to pay for items. Once the standard is set, the rest falls in behind (or ahead, whatever the rarity may be). But still ...

‘‘Betty is it. Not Veronica,’’ Luebke, whose Richmond, Va., store has more than 1 million comics in stock, was quoted in an Associated Press story. ‘‘This is serious.’’

He added that 99 percent of his customers agreed with him.

Now, this information is according to the Archie Comics Web site, which shows the the proposal issue, which will be followed by the wedding issue. Since the issue is due out next week, I would suspect it may already be in the hands of retailers, but ...

Call me cautious, but happens if it was all a smokescreen to generate interest in the upcoming issue, and he actually proposes to Betty? Luebke no longer has the comic, but at least he has the outcome he wanted.

Again, it's fiction, should there be more energy spent on getting upset about health care, either side of the debate, than over fictional characters.


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