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I must be obsessed

July 24, 2009 - Bill Speer
President Barack Obama said I must be obsessed Friday.

Actually I guess he didn't call me out by name, but rather my profession. And, technically it wasn't the president, but rather his press secretary.

The comment came after Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked by reporters whether Obama regretted a comment he made during his press conference Wednesday whereby he said Cambridge, Mass., police "reacted stupidly" to the recent arrest of a Harvard scholar trying to gain access into his own home.

The question was fair. Obama should have known better than to have been dragged into that answer anyway Wednesday, and certainly he wasn't thinking by implying police were stupid in their handling of the affair.

Naturally, the president's comments have not sat well in the law enforcement community and frankly, nor should they.

Thus, the question to Gibbs Friday was a fair one. What wasn't fair was his trivialization of the president's answer by implying it only was because the media was obsessed with the incident that it still was being reported.

Ah Mr. Gibbs, I don't think so. Anytime you have the president of the United States weighing in on a smalltown issue and implying that police didn't follow proper procedures and "acted stupidly," I don't think that is a media obsession.

The infatuation by some media with Michael Jackson is an obsession. This, Mr. Gibbs, is not in obsession.

Isn't it amazing how first the "acting stupidly" comment by the president and now the "obsession" comment by his press secretary probably are going to haunt this administration for quite some time.

No Mr. Gibbs I'm not obsessed. I asked my local police officer, and he agreed with me.



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