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Palin moves on

July 7, 2009 - Steve Murch
It's been a few days and the dust has settled somewhat on the announcement by Sarah Palin that she is stepping down as governor of Alaska. Aside from the talking heads on the extreme right or left, everyone else has moved back to Michael Jackson (and why should we care what his ex-wife does?).

Everyone who is still talking about Palin is speculating why since there was a vagueness to her announcement. The thing that I find strange is that she can't find any other analogies to describe things that sports. Everything she tries to explain she uses a sports reference. She did it again last week when talking about a point guard. I guess heads of business and business dealings aren't the same.

Her reasons still don't make a lot of sense, especially the lame duck reference. Since when is a first-term anything a lame duck? Palin could have run for governor for a second term, not to mention finish off her first term.

Many talking heads on the right have gone on and on about how financially stable her state is. Well, when oil is a major industry it helps. Many talking heads on the left have speculated there must be a scandal brewing. Unless it has happened in the last few months then it's doubtful there could be one following the scrutiny of the presidential race and how much she has remained in the public eye.

Some have said she wants to write a book, or become a TV something-or-another, or any variety of things to cash in our her popularity. The problem is her popularity is pretty much to the far right. There are a few closer to center, but how many of those are going to view her as a quitter. And doesn't that cut into her credibility?

Sarah Palin really worked herself into a corner in terms of what is next. However, Fox News Channel is probably where we will see her most. She has become a big fund-raiser for the GOP and the 2012 campaign starts, what, next week? Think back to 2008 race. Barack Obama and John McCain weren't the first ones to announce their candidacy for their respective parties. There's a danger of being out in the public eye for too long.

Maybe, just maybe, she want to take care of her family and escape the public eye for a while. Lord knows there have been plenty of people who would love to bring her down, and giving her family a break from that would be a noble step to make. Time will tell.


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