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No more Michael Jackson, please

July 3, 2009 - Steve Murch
While the 24-hour cable news channels need to fill their air time with something, eight days after Michael Jackson's death you think they'd have something else to broadcast. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the case.

And on top of that, we're guaranteed it will stretch a few more days because the public memorial is next week — which means wall-to-wall coverage of the event and the planning of it. Great googly-moogly, there wasn't this much TV time spent on the deaths of Presidents Reagan and Ford (maybe even combined). Warped sense of what is important.

I guess you could understand it if there was something new to reveal, but there hasn't been. They keep running the same canned pieces. The only “news” lately is that the mother of his children is seeking custody. Did she already have her 15 minutes of fame?

Maybe I shouldn't be so cynical because if they're all doing it, it must mean the viewers want it, right? Either that or the program directors and news directors are all on vacation and the interns are running the places.

** A week or so ago I suggested that the gas would go up to $3 a gallon right before the holiday. It didn't, so I readily admit I was wrong on that one. Thank God, or more appropriately thank the gas station owners.

It's always hard to tell if there are more people in town or just fewer people working prior to the holidays. Once we're within a day or two, though you clearly see license plates from out of the area and that is the case again this year. If gas had gone up, I wonder how many might not have come to Alpena. I'm glad we didn't have to find out.


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