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The price of fame

May 18, 2009 - Steve Murch
Grant Hill was on Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio this morning, filling for Mike Golic. Hill, who starred with the Detroit Pistons and is now with the Phoenix Suns, was talking about how when he's approached he won't have his photo taken with women. His wife, R&B singer Tamia, will have her photo taken with men. “And she should,” he said.

He said he won't do it because you never. As in, you never know when someone might try to make a buck off your generosity. He said, and understandably so, that he can't risk having a photo taken with his arms around two women in a bar. While it might be as innocent as can be, there is a risk that someone will try to exploit it or misinterpret it. He also said when he is on the road, if he orders room service and the person who brings the food up to the room is a woman he won't even let her come in the door – he'll take care of everything right at the door.

He told the tale about how when he was a rookie with the Pistons he had his photo taken with a guy in a bar. It turned out that the guy was a big-time drug dealer and when he was arrested the FBI came across the photo of Hill and the man. Though it was a player accommodating a fan, it could have been fairly messy under some circumstances.

It sounds like Grant Hill should be the speaker at the rookies' functions for all major league sports teams. It might not be a bad idea to have him speak to young actors and singers too. Of course, part of the rock star persona is going for groupies, so there's not telling if any rockers would listen to him.

In this day of instant celebrity, and infamy, you can't help but question the motives of some hangers-on. Everyone makes comments about the ungodly amount of money some athletes and performers make. Forget the stupid things athletes and performers do to themselves (and they certainly do enough of those themselves) or the times they commit crimes, no one should have to deal with unscrupulous attempts to part those celebrities from their money just because someone would rather steal than work hard for the money.


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