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Catching up

December 18, 2008 - Steve Murch
It’s amazing how discombobulated you can become when you take the occasional day off and not a group of days consecutively. The last couple of weeks I’ve gotten out of a rhythm and need to catch up:

• So there’s going to be a cologne with the scent of a Whopper? Really?

My understanding is that it’s supposed to be for men, but are we really going to wear something to make us smell char-broiled? Since I don’t wear the fru-fru juice in the first place, I guess I could be mistaken. Two thoughts: 1. If you’re going to wear Whopper scent, aren’t you more likely to lure meat-eating men? and, 2. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just cook up a burger and slather yourself in it? On top of the scent, you’d have dinner, too. Of course, I’m not sure human skin is a condiment.

• President-elect Barack Obama is catching grief from both Democrats and Republicans for selecting Pastor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at his inauguration. It’s most from the extremes of both parties, but still.

The Democrats don’t want him reaching across party lines, claiming he’s heading to the center. Republicans think he has some ulterior motive. Gee Dems, just because the last president didn’t reach across party lines doesn’t mean this new one shouldn’t. Besides, shouldn’t you want better relationships with the Republicans and conservatives? A Republicans, just because your president always gave the impression (true or not) that he was working an angle, doesn’t mean everyone isn’t that way?

The first step to country unity is by trying to do things together.

• The unemployment rate in Michigan is at 9.6 percent. Can you imagine what it will be like if the automakers have to close their doors? A couple of weeks ago there was a lawmaker (I don’t recall which one, I just know it wasn’t the beloved Sen. Corker) on one of the Sunday news shows who said the best thing that could happen to Michigan was one or more of the automakers going under. His “theory” was that would allow the state to reinvent itself.

Hey genius, so what do you tell all those people who lose their job? It’s not like the reinvention is going to happen overnight. Today I’m an auto worker, tomorrow I’m a hydraphysicist. (If we’re reinventing the state overnight, then I’m making up careers.)

• Everyone keeps wishing the Detroit Lions go winless and set a record. Not me. As a fan, I just can’t root like that against the team. I’d much prefer them win one or both of their last games. In a couple of years no one will remember them. If they’re winless, everyone will keep reminding us how they were the first team to go 0-16 in one season. How often do we hear about the Tigers when they nearly matched the New York Mets for baseball futility. Not much, and that was recent history.


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